Weekly Horoscope: November 27 – December 3, 2016

New moon in Sag = tons of new

As we say good bye to November and head into December, the signs can expect a TON of changes.

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This week is majorly chaotic, Aries. One minute, you’re feeling confused AF over your latest homework assignment; the next minute you’re juggling ice skating lessons and babysitting duties. Make sure to ask tons of questions, take a breath, and remember: you totally got this.

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You’re feeling extra blue this week, Taurus. Maybe you and your bae broke up or maybe you and your BFF got into a fight. Whichever the case now is not the time to wallow, friend. Put your emotional feels into action — like volunteering at a local animal shelter or working the school play — and you’ll feel TONS better.



A new crush is going to snap you out of your blah mood this week, Gemini. YASSS. This week’s new moon is an amazing time to connect with a new cutie or rekindle an old flame. Remember to be open to people who are different than you — you’ll be pleasantly surprised.



You might be feeling a little insecure this week, Cancer. It’s probably because there are a ton of changes happening right now in your life, both at school and at home. Change is hard at first, but try to remember that endings only lead to new, awesome beginnings. You’ll be smiling in no time!



You’re about to achieve a longtime goal of yours this week, Leo. Before you throw one of your epic parties to celebrate, you might want to take some time to reflect on your journey. Look at what worked and what didn’t, and mostly what you learned about yourself. OK, now you can party!



It’s all about your love life this week, Virgo. Your pragmatic nature is about to get emotional and flirty and you might even find yourself…falling in love? It might feel weird to feel all these feels, but don’t let your defensive nature take over. It’s OK to be vulnerable!



You’re in full-on social butterfly mode this week, Libra. The new moon on the 29th could bring you a totally different flock of friends, including a potential new bestie and/or new love interest. You’ll also take the role as a peacemaker for your old squad — use your equilibrium to its advantage and remain fair.



The new moon on the 29th might bring you that dream job/internship you’ve been eyeing, Scorpio. However, make sure your anxiety doesn’t stop you from making the most of this awesome opportunity. Downloading a meditation app or writing in a nightly journal are great self-care tools to help heal the feels.



Happy New Year, Sag! Your astrological New Year officially begins on the 29th with the moon in your sign, so now is the perfect time to write down some goals and intentions that you would like to accomplish. If you’ve been putting off tackling that creative project, now is the time to start.



By the end of this week, Cap, you’ll be screaming, “No more dramaaaa!” That’s because you’ll be experiencing all kinds of intense feelings and situations. Your practical, responsible brain might want to explode, but it’s best to keep your pick your fights and keep your trademark cool.



Have no fear, Aquarius, your feelings of loneliness will lift on the 29th. You might rebuild stronger friendships with your old BFFs or start a new friendship with someone who feels like she’s already your bestie. Also, don’t be surprised if that hottie from your homeroom finally asks you out.



No matter how much you’re DYING to go shopping with your friends and sip on holiday coffees, don’t skip out on your homework this week, Pisces. You’ll only end up regretting it and disappointing yourself. Instead, take a ton of mini-breaks and reward yourself with a big Peppermint Mocha AFTER your studying is done.