Your Weekly Horoscope: All About Relationships

Your Weekly Horoscope: All About Relationships


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This week we’re fully into Libra territory, which means partnerships of allll kinds — squads, baes, profesh — are on everyone’s minds. Scroll down to see what’s ahead for you this week, and plan accordingly.



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Happy birthday, Libra! Now that we’re officially in your season, you’re definitely feeling yourself. You’re vibing yourself so hard that you’re willing to take risks that would have scared you a year ago. Take a leap this week because wherever you land will be sooooo worth it.



You’re ready to hide from the world this week, Scorpio, however if you just take a moment and breathe, you might discover that being around your squad/fam is exactly what you need. Don’t be afraid to let your guard down and let people in — especially a certain cutie who’s got his/her eye on you.



You’re dreaming big dreams this week, Sag. The stars are supporting your goals, so don’t be afraid to ask for support — even from the most esteemed VIPs. This cycle is perfect for you crushing it, whether it’s a blog or an Etsy page or more, so go ahead and slay.



You are getting noticed this week, Cappy, in some serious ways. At the same time, don’t let your inner critic get in the way of pushing through some iffy times. Keep working hard, and focus on the positive, and trust the stars: your efforts will definitely be well received by some important peeps.



You’re looking for some serious adventure this week, Aquarius. Just be careful that your cabin fever won’t lead you to create any drama in order to make life more interesting. When in doubt, grab your bestie and take a spontaneous road trip or bike ride.



Your relationship is definitely heating up this week, Pisces. If you’re coupled up, don’t be surprised if your sweetie makes it Instagram official. Single? You could find yourself swept up in a flirty Snap exchange with a hottie from class. Either way, let things floooow and develop naturally.



You’re in a really weird place right now, Aries. Life might seem super chaotic/busy/stressful, and you just don’t know what will happen. Perfect. This is a great place to be in because life can only get better (a.k.a. more peaceful). Remember things don’t last forever, and attitude is EVERYTHING.



You’re not feeling like yourself this week, Taurus. This is an awesome place to be in because now you will see what you’re really made of. Roll up your sleeves, put your head down and concentrate only on the things — and people — who make you happy and fulfilled. You’ll feel better in no time.



With the Libran sun in your fifth house, you’re all about the glitz and glam, Gemini. You might not be technically ready to make your red carpet debut, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to be like Zendaya. Treat yourself to a rad new outfit and wear your high heels to class.



You’re spending some serious bonding time with your squad this week, Cancer. Arrange a girls’ night out or slumber party with your besties, and do a major catch up sesh. If something is troubling you, now is the time to come clean. Your girls will be there for you.



Your phone is blowing up this week, Leo. You’re on top of everyone’s guest list (as usual). The trick for you is to kill the FOMO, and spend time with only the people who truly make you feel good. It feels awesome to be liked, but it feels even better when you’re liked for all the right reasons.



It’s important to remember this week, Virgo, that just because you didn’t get what you want, doesn’t mean you didn’t get what you need. Whether it’s a job opportunity that fell through, or a disappointment with a friend or loved one, keep in mind the powerful cosmos always have your back. Always.