Weekly Horoscope: Change is in the air

Weekly Horoscope: September 17 - September 23, 2017


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Change is in the air for the signs — and it’s a good thing! Take note: your world might be moving fast, but if you continue to say yes and stay in flooooow, then everything will work out perfectly.



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You’re brainstorming a brand new look this week, Virgo. Maybe it’s an update to your wardrobe or refreshing your haircut. Whatever it is, you’re feeling like a new person and you’re all about expressing the inside on the outside. Remember: sometimes it really helps to dress the part you were born to play!



You might have to let something go in order to grow, Libra. Change is hard. And saying goodbye to something and someone that meant a lot to you is never easy. However, if you can keep focused on the awesome beginnings that come with endings, then saying goodbye won’t thaaaat hard.



You’re hanging out with tons of new people lately, Scorpio. It seems like you’re still trying to find your tribe, which is totally okay. You’re all about quality over quantity, which is why you’re being a little picky when it comes to your friendships. Just don’t be afraid to give someone a second chance.



All that networking you’ve been doing lately is going to pay off this week, Sag. However, instead of it doing wonders for your professional life, you might be connected to someone that will ignite your personal life. It might not be what you expected, but you’ll definitely enjoy it if you let yourself.



You’re trying to find that balanced/peaceful side of life this week, Capricorn. Spend more time hitting the yoga mat than hitting the books. Being more present and mindful will do wonders for all aspects of your life, including your love life. Yes, that cutie in hot yoga is definitely eyeing you!



What you thought was just a casual fling might turn into the real thing this week, Aquarius. You might be feeling all the feelings, and though it might feel a little scary at first, this love could end up being really healing for both of you. Coupled up? Don’t be surprised if you take things to the next level.



You have a lot of admirers right now, Pisces. Though the attention is super flattering, it’s also distracting you from your goals. If you know someone isn’t a good fit for you, don’t waste your time or theirs. Quickly end it and get refocused. The right one will come along when the time is right.



You’re definitely feeling yourself this week, Aries. Which means now is the time to try the things that scare you. Whether it’s taking a painting or boxing class, running for student president, or saying hi to that hottie in Chemistry class, you totally own this moment. Get it.



You’re head over heels, Taurus, but you might find this week that the object of your affection is not the right match for you. Instead of trying to make it work, remind yourself that you deserve someone who’s just as into you as you are into them.



You’re feeling super expressive this week, Gemini. You’ll feel inspired to do something crazy creative, and whether you paint, act, sing or write, don’t be surprised if your artistic talent garners you attention from VIPs, or at least some fans on Instagram!



You’re finally ready to socialize this week, Cancer. If you really want to shake things up, you might want to join a totally new activity at school, or attend an open mic at a coffee shop. If you want to stick close to home, invite your squad over for an OG slumber party.



You’re feeling super glam this week, Lioness. Yes, more than usual. Chances are you’ll continue to slay with your awesome fashion sense. And since your style is so on point, you might find that you’d like to pursue fashion as a career — or at least help makeover your bestie.