Weekly Horoscope: Start Working Towards Your Biggest Dreams

Make your vision real


With the sun still in Capricorn’s #girlboss sign, this week is primetime to get serious about where you want to go in 2018. Whatever you’re dreaming about creating — that podcast? the book? — now is the time to start taking action. Remember: baby steps count, too!

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Enjoy the last week of your birthday month, Cappy! We know you love being in charge of everything — a role that you’re literally born to play — but this week the stars want you to loosen your grip a little. See what happens when you let go of your control-freak tendencies. Hint: You might actually RELAX — which is what you really need.

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Now is the time to get still and see your vision for 2018, Aquarius. Maybe that means creating an actual vision board or writing down a business plan or a set of goals you’d like to accomplish this year. Whatever it is, make the time to meditate on what you *truly* want. The more clear you are, the better you’ll feel.



It’s time to finally forgive and forget, Pisces. If you’re serious about making a fresh start this year, now is the time to let it all go. All of it. If you need to, empty your mind and heart to a supportive bestie, or journal it all out. Once you finally release the old, you’ll be able to embrace the new.



If you’re feeling a little lonely this week, Aries, chin up. You have a lot of people around you who think you’re awesome — it’s just a matter of letting the right people in. Focus more on quality than quantity, and you’re destined to meet a new bestie for life. And don’t be afraid to make the first move!



With Venus slipping into Aquarius in your sign this week, Taurus, the time is NOW to make sure dreams come true. Whatever you have your sights set on — whether it’s nabbing that choice internship or getting a barre certification — take the necessary steps to get it done. When in doubt, reach out to your support squad for help and inspo!



Your usual way of moving from one thing to the next is wearing thin, Gemini. Your “laissez-faire” attitude is standing in the way of your success. Instead of doing a bunch of little things, now is the time to get super focused on just one. Let this one be *the* thing that lights you up the most, and watch yourself shine.



You might be feeling a little exhausted this week, Cancer. The year might be new, but some of your old habits are old. Like, for example, over-giving. We “over-give” when we overextend to those around us, leaving little energy and time to give to ourselves. Now is the perfect time to say no to over-giving, and yes to YOU.



You’ve already been living larger than life in 2018, Leo, but what you really need right now is some quiet time. Grounding your energy and getting still, which could mean anything from hitting the gym to getting the creative juices flowing, is essential for achieving your big New Year goals. Yes, really.

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You’re definitely all about your squad this week, Virgo. It’s not only because you’ve missed (some of) them over the holiday break, but it’s also because you’re doing some inventory. You’re wondering who you should spend more time with, and who you might want to cut loose. Go with your gut and heart, and be ruthless with your self-care.



When it comes to your home life, Libra, you’ve got something you need to get off your chest. Maybe you’ve had enough of your roommate’s messiness, or maybe you need to repair an issue with a family member, whatever it is — speak your mind. Nothing gets resolved with silence, or passive aggression. The truth will set you free.



You’re as curious as a cat this week, Scorpio. You’re super into studying and going above and beyond when it comes to learning. This is a great time to reach out to a potential mentor, or attend a networking event. You might even tackle a new class “just for fun.” Do it.



It’s time to get away from it all, Sag, and enjoy your own company. You’ve been smothered by your fam and friends for the past month — now it’s your turn to spend time with yourself. Maybe it’s taking a solo weekend trip, or trying out a new hobby or activity that is yours and yours alone. Be your own best friend.

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Brianne Hogan

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