Weekly Horoscope: We’re All Feeling Super Emo

Just breathe!

Weekly Horoscope: We're All Feeling Super Emo


We’re officially in November, and this month is a *doozie*. Not only are we all feeling extra emosh (the winter blues certainly aren’t helping!) but our patience will be tested sooooo much. From friends to parents to homework, NOTHING is going to feel like it’s working out. UGHHHHH. Take a breath, and choose to act from your best self.

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You’re about to come face-to-face with your past this week, birthday girl. Whether it’s receiving a text from an old flame or having old patterns reemerge, you will have to come to terms with important emotional stuff that you’ve swept under the carpet. Remember: You can always make a new choice.

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Now is the time to get super real with yourself, Sagittarius. You might have been doing things lately that seem good for others, but which aren’t really aligned with your authentic soul. It’s important to remember that doing different and being different are totally okay, as long as you’re being true to you.



You’re out for revenge this week, Capricorn, but you’re better than that. You might have every reason to get salty with someone or spill the tea, but that’s exactly what your enemy wants you to do. Refuse to stoop to their level. Remain strong in your integrity, and remember that karma takes care of *EVERYTHING*.



Letting go is sooooo hard to do, Aquarius, but the stars know you can do it. In fact, they are insisting upon it because once you let go of what is no longer serving you (and you *know* what or who that is), then the whole universe will open up to you. Comfort does NOT equal joy. And you deserve joy.



You’re a giver, Pisces, but that shouldn’t be to your detriment. If you’re giving and feeling empty, then that means you’re not giving to the right people. Establishing healthy boundaries is important for not only healthy relationships, but also for your self-esteem. Communicate your needs, and you’ll receive more.



Take your time with your responses this week, Aries. You might be an impulsive, fiery soul but that’s not serving you well right now. It’s important to learn the difference between reacting and responding, and learning *when* to respond. You don’t have to respond to that annoying text ASAP, for example. Timing is everything.



The moon is full in your sign is on the 3rd for the only time this year, Taurus. That means you will be looking extra closely at your relationships. If you’re not satisfied with your relationship status, now is the time to make those changes (like telling that boy, bye). If you are happy, let your sweetie know! It’ll bring you ~closer~.



You’re feeling super unsure about yourself right now, Gemini. Sometimes we need to feel shaky in order to find the things that make us feel grounded. Use this time for self-exploration, including some of the things that you might have forgotten about. Rest easy — you will feel better in no time. Change is a good thing!



You’re dealing with tons of emotions, Cancer. If you’re at the point where you are seeking closure, then keep in mind that you will only find the answers you’re seeking from within. No one else can give you closure. It will take some time, and it *will* hurt like hell. But the process that gets you there will also be worth it.



The energy of the full moon on November 3rd is making you ask some deep questions about yourself, Leo. If you’ve been feeling unhappy with where you are and who you are hanging with, take a cue from Mean Girls and suck the poison out of your life. It’s time to clean up and take charge of your life again.



The stars are urging you to stop living in the past and focus on your present, Virgo. This might mean saying goodbye to old people or old dreams that don’t belong in your future. That’s okay. You’re growing, which means your version of happiness is changing. Let it. #NoRegrets



You’re feeling like a major boss this week, Libra. Beware that your new kickass attitude might not go over well with those in authority. Stay respectful, but stay true to yourself. If you need to voice your opinions about what’s bugging you and what needs to change, do so. Being authentic to yourself can only help you. Forget the haters.

Brianne Hogan
Brianne Hogan

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