Weekly Horoscope: Time to Get Out of Hibernation Mode and Get Connected

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Now that we’ve survived the longest month ever (a.k.a. January), it’s time for some amazing inspiration. February is the perfect time to break out of the hibernation zone and connect with those around us in powerful, creative, and fun ways. This week, don’t be surprised if you’re feeling all lovey dovey either — Valentine’s Day IS around the corner.

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Your life is super chaotic right now, Aquarius. But you’re actually thriving while being a (temporary) hot mess. Your busy schedule means you’re coming into contact with a number of different people and groups at this time. Stay open — you can learn a lot from new peeps, especially those who are totally opposite from you.

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Cupid’s got you in his crosshairs earlier than expected, Pisces. You’re feeling tons of feels for someone in your life — whether it’s bae or a new crush. You’re in preeeettttty deep. Go with those mushy feels and enjoy the ride. You could go from Instagram official to single in a minute, but that’s the fun of it, right?



You’re super focused this week, Aries, and like the ram you are, you are *dead set* on climbing that mountain. Your ambitious nature will pay off — let’s get that straight — howeverrrr it’s best to pay attention to your physical and mental health as you dive headfirst into your goals. Chilling out feels good, too.



You need some breathing room, Taurus. You are itching for freedom and independence — an intense yearning that’s unlike anything you’ve experienced in a long time. Hold onto that feeling as you explore new opportunities and experiences, as well as, yes, other people. Whether you intend to or not, your life’s about to get *spicy*.



Straight up: your life’s feeling a bit plain this week, Gemini. Everything’s running steady and smoothly. You don’t have too much to complain about. But there’s a reason for every season, and right now the stars are preparing you for a major upheaval around the bend. Enjoy the blandness while you can.



You’re going through some major learning lessons right now, Cancer. The stars are asking you to do almost the exact opposite of what you’ve ever done. Like, for instance, responding instead of reacting, and taking big risks outside of your comfy shell. It will feel challenging AF, but there’s also a great reward up ahead.



Think back to your last birthday, Leo. What were you doing? What was your biggest focus at that time? Whatever it was, don’t be surprised if whatever — or whomever — that was comes circling back. It’s time to finish what you started, or finally let go of something for good.



January was all work for you, Virgo, and now February — for the first week or so, anyway — is all about play. Pat yourself on the back for all that you’ve accomplished thus far. Go out and celebrate your victories with your squad, and then afterwards you can take stock of where you are and figure out where you want to go next.



Everything’s feeling soooo good right now, Libra. Your relationships are feeling extra special, which is why you want to make the time to have legit hangs with your squad or create a special evening with bae. However, stay realistic. People *will* let you down, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love you.



You’re falling back into old habits this week, Scorpio, including relationships and how you usually behave in them. Though things might seem to go your way at first, that will backfire eventually. Trust. Remember: you don’t need to scheme or manipulate loved ones. Speaking your truth will ultimately get you what you really want.



Your love life is headed in a whole different direction this week, Sag, which is a good thing — if you let it. If you haven’t been spending a lot of time with bae, now is the perf time to plan something special. If you’ve been seeing a lot of him or her, taking a mini break will add a new spark. Distance helps the heart grow fonder, remember!



You’re about to have a huge lesson in patience this week, Cappy. You don’t like waiting for anything, but if you trust the timing of the universe, this waiting period could actually do you a world of good. You’ve come a long way and planted a lot of seeds recently. Now it’s time to wait for them to grow a little.

Brianne Hogan
Brianne Hogan

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