Weekly Horoscope: Time to Test Your Limits

It's okay to take a risk


Oh, November. The stars and planets are saying goodbye to easy, and are saying hellooooo to complicated. The good news? This month — and week — is all about the amazingness that complexity can bring.

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By digging deep and testing your limits, you can create some wonderfully passionate and powerful things. Just see for yourself!



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You are all about simple and easy this week, Scorpio, which is actually super hard for you. You thrive on drama, but the stars want you to face the music: You have some pretty basic things that need to be addressed. Whether it’s calling your mom or cooking yourself a healthy meal, take it nice and slooooow.



You’ve got some confronting to do this week, Sag. This is because some things have been nagging you a lot lately — like your messy roomie or your forgetful bae. And though you hate confrontation, the stars are urging you to resist your normal passive aggression, and voice your concerns head on. Respectfully, of course.



As Kim Kardashian says, it’s time to let go and let God/Universe/Source, Cappy. The stars are giving you permission to sit back and relax. Though your inner control freak will initially fight it, allowing yourself some playtime will free you up in many ways. And did I mention, it will feel really good to do so?



You’re under a lot of stress lately, Aquarius, which means you want to hide away from the world and binge watch Stranger Things. However, the planets want you to do the opposite and leave your cozy comfort zone. Take a deep breath and face whatever’s troubling. And when your BFF invites you out, go out!



You’re a big dreamer, Pisces, which is everyone’s fave part about you. However, this week you are being called to turn your dreams into action. Take one baby step at a time, and you’ll be amazed at the progress you will make. By the end of the month, you might finish a whole novel!



You’re feeling super tense when it comes to your romantic relationships this week, Aries. Sorry to say that this might have to do with your intense energy. If single, lighten up a bit and go for coffee with your new admirer. If coupled up, let bae “win” one for once. Loosening your grip on control will make romance fun!



You’re being too stubborn for your own good, Taurus. Though stubbornness is what makes you you, it’s also getting in the way of being your best self. So swallow your pride this week, and go after what you really want. Ask out that cutie who you’ve had your eye on, or go after that internship. You got this.



It’s time for some major self-care this week, Gemini. For a twin star like you, it’s easy to juggle a million different things at once. But with the holidays coming up, you need to be at the top of your game. Put your health first — which might mean a sweat sesh and/or eating more veggies — and take a rest.



You’re feeling the urge to express your needs and wants more than ever this week, Cancer. Though it might feel different for an emo soul like yourself, it’s super important to voice how you really feel. You’re about to start a new chapter in your life, so now is the time to make sure it’s an awesome one.



You might be feeling exhausted, Leo, and ready to curl up with Netflix. However, the stars want your inner lioness to roar this week. That’s right. Put on your go-to “feel good” outfit and get out there and slay! Otherwise you might miss out on an amazing opportunity that could catapult a side hustle, or creative project.



You’re usually eager to please, Virgo, but now is the not the time to be super cooperative and compromising. In fact, the stars want you to be anything but. Now is the time to communicate clearly exactly how you feel, whether it’s about bae or your bestie. *Especially* if you’re not feeling it.



Things are about to heat up for you this week, Libra. If single, don’t be surprised if you get hot and heavy with a new love interest. Coupled up? Your intimacy could reach new and exciting heights. No matter what your relationship status, don’t be afraid to communicate your needs and desires. That’s what will make it even hotter!

Brianne Hogan
Brianne Hogan

Brianne Hogan is a freelance writer in Toronto who loves coffee, cats and astrology. Her byline's been featured on HelloGiggles, Elle Canada, Flare, Thrillist, among others. Keep up with her on Twitter, Facebook or her blog.