Weekly Horoscope: April 23 – April 29, 2017

New Moon = New opportunities

As we bid adieu to April, we welcome a New Moon in Taurus on the 26th, which means tons of new experiences — including new flirtations — for the signs.

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Happy birthday, girl! The stars are asking you to not only dream big, but to also BELIEVE in your big dreams. Don’t let fear of the unknown stop you from moving forward and living your best magical life. You’re ready to take the next steps to live that delicious dream — now it’s your turn to believe it.

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Passion planet Mars zooms into your sign until June 4th, Gemini. What does this mean? Think a big mojo booster. You might find yourself joining a gym or a new class (Zumba? Boxing?) that gets your body moving. This is also the perf time to spring into action about a forgotten project. You got this!



You might feel icky this week, Cancer. However, instead of looking at external things to help make you feel good about yourself (like parties, friendship drama, tons of extra-curricular activities), go for some serious alone time. Feel the feels, journal it, and accept it all. You’re gonna be OK.



Act like the queen you are this week, Lioness. The new moon on the 26th could bring you news of an internship offer or a killer assignment that’s sure to impress. Don’t wait to be asked — go after what you want. Don’t be afraid to bring your awesomeness to the table because you’ve got TONS to spare.



You might be feeling overwhelmed this week, Virgo. With school wrapping up soon and college in the distance — and let’s not even get into PROM — there’s no wonder why you’re anxious. Keep your thoughts out of the future and stay as present as possible. Starting a morning meditation practice could def help, too!



Dealing with a hardcore decision this week, Libra? Though you might feel pressured to give an answer right now, it’s super important to know that you can call a timeout and weigh your options. When you make the decision YOU want to make, you’ll feel more empowered, like the #girlboss you are.



You’re still in the spotlight this week, Scorpio. From school to work to dating, it seems that everyone has got their eye on you. But what’s even better? The new moon is bringing one special person who will only have eyes for YOU. If you’re already in a relationship, don’t be surprised if you take it to a new level of romance.



You’re craving space and solitude this week, Sag. Unfortunately, your squad is not having it. They’re going to practically drag you to the upcoming house party that everyone is talking about. Fortunately, the cosmos are bringing a new bae into your life who might be at that party. Go, and find out.



You’re excited about working on a project and you’re all about get ‘er done this week, Cappy. Howeverrrr your big lesson right now involves flexibility. Sometimes things won’t work out the way you want them to — and that’s totally okay! Stay present and open to what is — and not what CAN be — and watch your world change for the better.



You’re about to cross the finish line, Aquarius, but you’re feeling scared. Whether you’ve been working really hard on a huge assignment, application or anticipating graduation, it’s normal to have cold feet. But it’s super important to remember now that endings only mean bright beginnings. Have faith.



You are being pulled in soooo many directions this week, Pisces. From school to friends to responsibilities at home, you have so much on the go right now and it’s catching up to you. What you need is boundaries, and the confidence to say no. Take care of yourself, friend. A “no” for others means a “YASSS” for you.



You are ready for to slay, and so the cosmos are creating some major changes for you this week, Aries. The New Moon could bring you a new job or even a raise with your allowance. You’re pushing yourself to the max, but you might find better results when you, umm, chill for a bit.


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