What Is Face Yoga Anyway?

Yeah, it's a thing

Obviously we know yoga can be good for us. It increases flexibility and, for many people, helps bring on the zen. But there’s another part of your bod you should be stretching — your face.

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That’s right. Face Yoga is a thing and you should consider trying it, according to Times Live.

So what is Face Yoga? It’s basically what it sounds like — stretches for your face. Why try it? Proponents say it helps tone, lift, and sculpt the muscles in your face to make you look fresh and glowing all the time.

It seems to have started back in 2015, when a NYC pop-up called SkinGym Face Fitness started up. Since then, similar studios have opened in London and Los Angeles, because people all around the world need face love, apparently.

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But if you don’t live on the coasts or across the pond, you can still try out Face Yoga yourself, thanks to the glory of YouTube.

British Face Yoga Expert Danielle Collins, has tons of tutorials to help you try the trend at home.

Here’s a video that demonstrates how it works:

BRB, warming up.

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Kayleigh Roberts
Kayleigh Roberts

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