The Internet Is Happy Crying After What This Dad Did For His Daughter

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The Internet Is Happy Crying After What This Dad Did For His Daughter


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Are you ready for a happy ugly cry? Always, right? Let me introduce you to the 18-year-old Meg Sullivan and her dad Tom.

Meg’s parents got divorced when she was a wee little one, so her dad has been packing her school lunches since she was in Kindergarten. Even when she was in high school, he would peel her oranges for her. Adorable, right? But soon, her friends and family started poking fun at the sweet gesture. But fret not, her dad didn’t listen to the taunting and kept peeling those oranges.

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Here’s where things really get sweet. Meg explained to Buzzfeed News, “Yesterday when I got to school on my last day of high school, I pulled out my lunch and found two unpeeled oranges and a printout.”

“I thought it was just going to be a letter saying ‘Happy last day of school!’ or something, so when I opened it I couldn’t help but smile,” she said. Take a look at what it said:

After school, her dad asked if she had managed to peel them, and she said yes with the help of the printout. Bam. Father daughter goals, right there.  

Meg posted the note and story on Twitter, and it quickly went viral. And let’s just say, the Internet could not handle their emotions.

Alright, now that our cold hearts have melted, go resume your day… and give your pops a hug.

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