What You Need to Know About Moon Cycles and How to Activate Their Power

Unleash your inner Moon Goddess


Think about it: if the moon commands the tides of our oceans, and our bodies are made up of 60 percent water, then it should come as no surprise that we’re also affected by the energy of the moon. Learning how to align your life with the lunar cycles is an amazing way to harness the moon’s awesome power to help create meaningful intentions as well as deep transformation.

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With the first New Moon of the year in Capricorn (the sign of ambition, btw), here’s everything you need to know about each different phase of the moon, and how you can activate their power to bring about change in your life.


The New Moon

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This is the start of the lunar cycle. During this phase, the moon is invisible because the side of the moon we see is not being illuminated by the sun.

Not surprisingly, the New Moon symbolizes new beginnings. During this time you might experience sudden insights and develop new ideas, as well as feel pretty emosh.

While it’s not an ideal time to take action, it is a great time to visualize, dream, and to state a powerful intention. This intention must be personal and significant to only you.

To ramp up the power, use “I am” statements rather than “I will” or “I want.” For example, “I am the writer of a kickass blog,” or “I am in a loving and healthy relationship.”


Waxing Crescent Moon 

The Waxing Crescent phase lasts about a week, lying between the New Moon and the First Quarter. It’s at this time when the moon appears to be growing. As the moon is developing, you’ll notice that your energy is also increasing. This is the perfect time to get creative about making your intention come true. Brainstorm the steps you can take to help your dream come alive.

Want to start a new blog? Come up with different topics that you would like to write about. You might want to meditate, reflect, and do some stream-of-consciousness writing to get those creative juices flowing.

Another tip? Look at the obstacles that could possibly prevent you from achieving what you want, and then come up with some potential solutions.


First Quarter Moon 

The First Quarter Moon is when the moon appears half-lit and occurs about a week after the New Moon. It’s considered to be the halfway point between the New Moon and the Full Moon.

At this point, the intentions you set are beginning to shape up. This is the most powerful time to be proactive and physically create your intention in the world, which is why you want to think about the actions you can take to support your intention — and then do them.

For example, buy a domain for your new website idea, or create an Instagram account to showcase your work.


Full Moon

The Full Moon, which appears a week after the First Quarter Moon, is the Big Kahuna. It not only beautifully illuminates the whole sky, but its energy is also palpable and super powerful.

This is THE time for letting go. You’ve done all that you can do to help your intention come to life, now it’s in the hands of the Universe.

Don’t be surprised if you’re also really emotional around this time, too. In fact, you might want to release a whole bunch of stuff that’s no longer serving you while keeping the faith that the Universe is always providing for you.

It’s only when we are truly able to let go when we are able to welcome the new. Write down what you’re releasing and burn or bury it to ceremoniously seal the deal.


Waning Moon

Now we chill. The Waning Moon, otherwise known as the Dark Moon, starts to shrink and so does our energy. It appears at the end of the lunar cycle, a couple of days before the New Moon.

This is hibernation time, so journal, meditate, and/or curl up with Netflix. Do some quality soul-searching during the Waning Moon, and think about what you want to set as your next intention for the upcoming New Moon and new lunar cycle.


What are your intentions for the New Moon? The next one is set to appear right before Valentine’s Day!

Brianne Hogan
Brianne Hogan

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