When Is the Best Time to Shop: Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

Which is the best sale for you?

With Thanksgiving coming up, we know what’s really on your mind and it’s not your aunt’s famous pumpkin pie (or maybe it is, we don’t know you). Black Friday and Cyber Monday are quickly approaching and as we know, this is a great time to do some major shopping, whether it’s for your loved ones or yourself. But when exactly is the best deal? What day is better and should you hold out for Monday instead of spending everything on Friday? That definitely depends, so we’ve got a rundown on which is the best.

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For those of you who don’t know the difference, let us break it down. Black Friday is a major shopping day always following the day after Thanksgiving. It’s name was given a few years back due to the disruptive, harmful and even dangerous occurrences that happen to pedestrians while trying to score big deals. Cyber Monday quickly followed as a way for online businesses to get in on the action and hopefully, get people to shop from home instead of trampling everyone on Friday.

So which day should you be spending your hard earned cash?

If you’re into boutique designers, clothing and shoes…

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These days, it’s all about obscure Australian brands and random etsy trinkets that are one of a kind. The more unique, the more it’s a must have. And these unique products are usually online only. While your neighborhood boutique may have some awesome sales on Black Friday, most of you source your one-of-a-kind gems from the internet and those businesses usually hold out until Monday.

Winner: Cyber Monday

If you’re into TVs, computers and gadgets…

These hard goods are manufactured in bulk, but big businesses love to get them out of the store ASAP. Not only is it good business but it helps promote their products longer. That means there’s a lot of sales around computers and gadgets and they don’t last long. If you want to have the hottest and newest tech toy out there, you gotta put in that time.

Winner: Black Friday

If you’re looking for hardcore deals…

The biggest slash in prices are always the day of or after Thanksgiving. Marketers know that, despite the danger that can occur on Black Friday, people really love getting into it. People will stand in line for hours to get deals as high as 90% off and businesses love that! So if you’re looking to save some serious money, you might want to shop sooner.

Winner: Black Friday

If you just wanna spend time with your family…

Unless you’re the type of family who likes to camp out in front of Best Buy together on Thanksgiving, you’re probably spending the holiday weekend with your family recovering from your food coma. After all, it’s a major holiday for those traveling home to see family they haven’t seen in forever! If you’re all about family this time of year, wait for Monday. There still are AMAZING sales to be had.

Winner: Cyber Monday

If you want to hit up multiple stores…

On Black Friday, shopping outlets and malls often have a ton of deals. You can easily access stores on foot, try on clothes and see your product in person before heading to the next shop. On Cyber Monday, you can simply open multiple tabs of different online retailers and shop all at once!

Winner: Tie

In the end, both days have their pros and cons, but it’s ultimately a personality choice. If you’re a pretty chill person who doesn’t really care about that stuff (but still wants a bargain), Cyber Monday might be the day for you. If you love finding good deals and having the hottest item of the season, Black Friday might be more of your thing. Either way, you’ll be saving your hard earned dough and have a few goodies to show for it.

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