Whimsical Ways to Fall in Love This Winter

Find your snowfall kind of love

First things first, no hibernating.  If you’re looking for love you’re going to have to go get after it! Here are my best winter tips:

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1. Glove Shopping

This worked well for Kate Beckinsale, so there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work for you. The key is to enter a store and immediately locate the outerwear department. You’ll want to lurk by the gloves until you spot an eligible love interest. At this point, smoothly pivot and complete one brisk lap around the store. Pray that he’s still over there by the time you’re back. Upon your return, reach for the exact pair of gloves he’s eyeing. If he’s already holding them, snatch them from his grip or improvise. This is a great conversation starter. Glove Shopping (…for love) involves a bit of a time investment. It’s not like your star-crossed soulmate is going to just happen by the glove section of the first department store you arrive to. On the bright side, there are literally thousands of department stores. If at first you don’t succeed: dust yourself, don’t buy any merch, and proceed to another department store.


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2. Skiing

As Bridget Jones would say, “Very romantic. very relaxing.” But if you’re reading this article, you’re probably not headed to the Alps for a skiing mini-break with your fabulous British lover; take caution, this may get a little stressful. You’ll have to dress the part so make sure you’re layered up in cozy yet flattering winter wear. I’d also recommend a helmet. Once you’ve successfully touched down from the chairlift, the goal is to hone in on a prospective target and ski into him. You’ll want to be careful about who you choose to ski into as there’s no way to predict how one who’s just been skied into may act. Ideally he’ll be strong and highly skilled re: the slopes. He’ll laugh off the calamity as serendipitous and suggest you two go get to know each other better down at the waffle house. Yum.

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3. Asking If He Wants To Build A Snowman

Here’s the thing: you could be basic AF and snapchat a picture of the snow to your friend, *cough cough* crush, with the caption “Do you want to build a snowman?” To which, if you’re lucky, he’ll reply, “lol”. Or, you could take a hint from Anna and knock on doors everyday for ten years until you finally meet your knight in shining armor at your sister’s coronation ball (or more plebeian derivative), just minutes after aborting the snowman-building mission. Savage.

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4. Ice Skating

Don thermal socks and lace up your skates. Get ready to hit the ice! While ice rinks are predictably a popular date spot, there’s bound to be some single, hopeless romantics simply gliding around in hopes of simply meeting your gaze. Right? Right. There are outdoor skating rinks in Santa Monica, California. Anything is possible. Once you take the ice, scour the rink for those non interlaced hands. This is how you’ll identify who is available and who is taken. Once you’ve spotted the vacancies, just start reaching for hands until you find the one that feels right. Before you know it, this will be you:


If all else fails, you could stick your tongue on a pole and hope a hot fireman comes to your rescue. Otherwise, stand on a corner and hand out hot cocoa to anyone you’d like who passes by. The love you need is the love you have 🙂