7 Reasons Why Alex Aiono Is Our #MCM

Talented and a heart-throb

Where do we even begin when talking about just how phenomenal the one and only Alex Aiono is? We’re pretty sure if you looked up the definition of the word “multi-talented,” you would see Alex Aiono’s name as part of the definition. This guy could literally do anything and everything and make fans’ hearts beat a whole lot faster while doing so.

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Here are seven reasons why Alex Aiono is our #MCM. The list of reasons could go on and on.

1. He’s an incredibly talented singer

We definitely think that Alex Aiono is one of the most talented singers on this planet. We always get excited when we see a notification that he added a new cover video onto his YouTube channel and you can bet that we are one of the first to watch it. His cover videos always go viral (and we can totally see why) and his new single “Work The Middle” is our jam. We always are listening to Alex Aiono’s music on constant repeat.

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2. He’s also a terrific actor

Is there anything that Alex Aiono can’t do? We think not. In addition to being an amazing singer, he’s also a sensational actor. We’ve seen Alex Aiono exhibit his brilliant acting skills in AwesomenessTV’s hit show, Royal Crush, and let’s just say, this boy can act and make us feel all the #feels with his excellent scenes.

New episode of #royalcrush out this week😈 go check it out!!! @royalcaribbean

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3. He hosts for Radio Disney

To add onto his endless list of things that he can do, Alex Aiono even makes one exceptional host. He’s done a lot of hosting for Radio Disney and will actually be one of the hosts for the Radio Disney Music Awards.

As they say, "slay queen"

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4. He has a remarkable sense of style

A guy with a great sense of style has the key to our heart and Alex Aiono is definitely one stylish dude. He always looks so handsome whether he’s all suited up and looking dapper at a red carpet event or just rocking some awesome, casual attire.

What are you waiting for?

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5. He has a great bond with his family

We always love seeing when guys are super close with their family. Alex Aiono has such an amazing bond with his loved ones and he always makes sure to spend a lot of time with his lovely sisters.

My partner in crime✌🏽

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6. He’s super down-to-earth

Despite all of his massive success and the fact that he is totally taking over the entertainment world by storm, one of the many things that we love about Alex Aiono is how humble and grounded he remains to be. He continues to prove himself as a wonderful role model to all of his fans and he never lets a day go by without showing how much he appreciates his fans’ support. He’s a total sweetheart!

All love❤️

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7. He’s very good-looking

Can we please get a fire extinguisher because it’s getting kind of hot in here?!


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