Why It’s Okay To Be Shy

We all have our strengths

You’re the shy one in your group of friends. Small talk gives you major anxiety, you prefer staying home over going to a house party, and speaking up in class makes you go completely red. In a loud world, it’s sometimes difficult to be the quiet one. While some people might want you to be more “outgoing” or misinterpret your shyness as being unfriendly, it’s important to know that there is NOTHING wrong with being shy. Rather than think of your shyness as a weakness, think of it as your secret super strength.

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These five reasons below will surely make you proud of being ‘the strong and silent type’.


1. You Have an Amazing Perspective

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Being a wallflower means you get to check out your surroundings before diving in. You’re a pro at people watching, which gives you an advantage of reading others’ emotions. When you’re this insightful, you immediately gain tons of information that other more outgoing people might miss. Plus, your ability to understand people more deeply makes you more empathetic and that’s a HUGE gift.


2. You’re an Awesome Listener

You might not be a chatterbox at parties, but your listening skills are on point. Your shy nature allows you to be more attentive and respectful to those around you. When it comes to having a convo, listening is just as important as talking, which is why being a good listener is one of the best skills a person can have. Count yourself #blessed that this trait is second nature to you.


3. You Always Mean What You Say

You never speak just to hear the sound of your own voice, which is why pretty much everything you say is thoughtful and deliberate. Instead of oversharing or sounding like a Twitter feed, your friends can count on you to say things that are interesting and meaningful.


4. You’re Super Independent

You don’t mind hanging out with yourself or attending a new class solo. You are self-reliable and self-motivated, which means you don’t need to have friends around to feel more confident or better about yourself. If you want to try a new activity or sport, you’ll do it — with or without your squad. And if you want to hang out with your squad, you will. But you’re just as comfortable — and happy —  with spending time alone.


5. You Have Deep Friendships

You don’t have 500+ friends — and you’re totally fine about that. Instead, you have a small group of your tried and true besties who you trust 100%. You’d rather develop deep, real friendships over having a ton of convenient acquaintances. For you, friendship is all about quality over quantity. You like having authentic connections and being super real, which is what your friends love about you and what makes you an amazing BFF.


Your shyness is an awesome thing. Don’t feel bad or defeated by it. You might not be the life of the party, but you are an amazing person and friend, and you’re SO worth getting to know. Accept and love who you are, and others will quickly follow suit.