Why Kian Lawley Is Our #1 Bae Everyday

#4 He never stops creating

This year, we’re working on practicing gratitude. Today we are grateful for fries, YouTube hair tutorials, and Kian Lawley. We’re especially grateful we’ll get to see Kian in Before I Fall, which comes out March 3rd, 2017. That’s right, the movie we’ve most been looking forward to cast the man we’ve spent the most time stalking on the Internet–the one and only ultimate bae, KIAN LAWLEY. Why is he the ultimate bae, you ask? Well, here are 10 reasons.

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1. He’s hot AF.

Let’s get this one out of the way so we can move onto his many talents as quickly as possible. But yes, he is hot AF. Like an Abercrombie model angel who fell from heaven.

have a good day 😊

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2. He’s funny AF/literally does not care what other people think about him.

No one can make us laugh more than Kian. His wit and comedic timing paired with his goofiness and “not afraid to embarrass myself” attitude literally makes him a laugh factory. Seriously. Go watch any of his YouTube videos, and you’ll get it instantly.

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3. Can we say best friend goals?!

We’re looking at you JC Caylen. Roommates, best friends, co-creators; it just doesn’t get more goals than them. I mean, they even launched a channel together in 2014 (yes, it is *literally* the funniest thing on the Internet). Plus, they just announced a new scripted show they’ll be launching called H8TERS. We’re so there.

looks like we were having too much fun

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4. He never stops creating.

Kian is a creating machine. Whether it’s travel blogs, Kian and JC masterpieces, or new scripted blockbusters, he never stops. For this, we are eternally grateful. Thank you for the endless entertainment, Kian.

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(PS JAMES FRANCO, Kian!? What are you up to!?)


5. Those tattoos….

Kian has the coolest/most random assortment of tattoos, and he totally owns them. While he’s said he’s regretted a few, he also has mentioned he “can’t wait to be a tatted up grandpa.” 😂


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6. That pup…

Meet Harley. How adorable is Harley? We want to live with Harley (Kian, you can stay too.)

goooooooodmorning ☺️🐶

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7. He does a great giraffe impression.

Check out this throwback video:


8. He’s total man style goals.

Seriously, though. What other twenty-one-year-old guy could pull off this sophisticated yet rugged look? NO ONE.

taxi 📸: @ownthelight

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9. He’s killing it in the acting game.

We all know Kian got his start on YouTube, and he’s been stupendous there. The last few years, however, he’s been booking scripted gigs and has been PHENOMENAL. While we wait patiently to see him in Before I Fall this February, be sure to check out his feature film, Shovel Buddies. He’s fantastic in it.



With his BFF JC Caylen, of course. The two even went on tour for it!


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