Why LOMO Should Be the New FOMO

Love is better than fear


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When it comes to FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), there are two common scenarios that come to mind.

Scenario A: You decide to skip Saturday night with your squad to chill out with some Netflix, but while you scroll through your Instagram and see your friends having fun, you immediately regret your decision. You then vow to NEVER miss a Saturday night out again, no matter what.

Scenario B: You attend each and every meeting, event, internship opportunity, extracurricular activity, house party, soccer game, Pilates class, and everything in between because you were afraid of missing out, but you end up totally exhausted.

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LBH: the madness of FOMO has to stop. We need to stop fearing what we are not doing, and instead LOVE what we are doing. Which is why LOMO (Love of Missing Out) should be the new FOMO.

Here are five reasons why.

1. You’ll feel more confident.

When we experience FOMO, it’s often because we don’t feel confident about the decision we made. When you have LOMO, you’ll feel more empowered about your decision-making skills, because you’re not letting anyone else influence your decision.

Decision-making is something we all need to learn how to do, and learning how to make choices that feel good to you is a huge step for your growth.


2. You get to do whatever you want.

When we experience FOMO, it’s usually over an activity that we wouldn’t necessarily choose for ourselves. We only want to do it because everyone else is doing it.

LOMO is the complete opposite. Instead of going to that house party — where you know they’ll play music you hate — you get to do whatever YOU want to do. And listen to whatever you want. How fun is that!


3. You’ll be way happier.

When you love what you do, the whole world opens up to you. By saying no to something you’ll probably loathe, you get to say *yes* to something you’ll love. That passion will only lead you to further opportunities and experiences, including new friendships. That kind of passion and happiness are not only super contagious — they’re really attractive, too!


4. You get to live in the present.

FOMO is usually a by-product of too much social media. If you regularly experience FOMO, chances are you scroll through your Instagram and Snap as soon as you wake up, eat, go to bed — basically as often as you can — and compare your life to those around you.

When you have LOMO, you’ll be so into what YOU are doing that you won’t even want to — or have the time to — check your social media feeds that often. You’ll live more in the present, and because you’ll be engaged in something you love, you’ll feel more fulfilled. More fulfillment means less comparison, which means less FOMO.


5. You get to be more real.

Loving what you do, including “missing out,” is a sign of true authenticity, which is more than we can say about a lot of posts on social media. Remember: your Instagram is filled with people supposedly living their best lives, but sometimes those lives just are not real. Concentrate on what’s real and important for you, like skipping karaoke night for a night of finishing an amazing fave book, and you’ll become more connected to yourself. This will only bring good things into your life.

(Featured image: @theoptimistdreamer)