8 Reasons Why Nash Grier Is Our #MCM

What's not to love?

It’s clear to see why we’re seriously crushing on Nash Grier, and can you blame us?! He’s an incredible YouTube sensation, an awesome actor, and of course, a total heart-throb. We have him as our lock-screen on our phones, we have tons of posters of him hanging up on our walls, and we love rocking our Nash Grier merch – you can definitely say we are obsessed with the phenomenal Nash Grier.

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Here are eight reasons why Nash Grier is our #MCM – the list can definitely go on forever.

1. He brings out the most entertaining YouTube videos

If you ever wonder what we’re doing, you can definitely assume that we’re binge-watching all of Nash Grier’s YouTube videos. Every time we watch Nash’s vids, it always makes us feel as though we are taking a step inside his life a little more and we get to learn things about him that we may have never known before. We can’t choose which one of his videos is our favorite because we love all of them!

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2. He’s also a spectacular actor

Besides working on his amazing content for his channel, Nash Grier has also been focusing on his acting career. He’s been a part of many projects already, and now you can catch him in Awesomeness Films’ You Get Me. Nash just continues to blow us away with his amazing talent.

#YouGetMe fam wraps their first week of shooting 🎥 (regram @nashgrier)

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3. He’s such a sweet guy

One of the many things that we love about Nash Grier is how much of a total sweetheart he is. He’s always so wonderful to his fans. Whether it’s on tour, during a meet and greet, or even getting the chance to meet his fans while he’s out and about, he always makes time to make his fans feel special and snap a terrific photo with them.

Love you guys 😁✌️️

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4. He is super close with his family

We love guys that value their relationship with their family. Nash Grier loves getting some quality time with his fam, and him and his brothers are #SiblingGoals. Nash and Hayes have some of the most exciting memories together and we can see that they always have a blast.


5. He’s super adventurous

It seems as though Nash Grier is in a new city each day. He has some of the most unforgettable trips – from skiing to enjoying some time in Belize. Our ideal perfect date would be to go with Nash Grier on one of his traveling adventures.

Good Morning

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6. He has an awesome #squad of friends

Nash and his friends literally define #SquadGoals. Can we please join this remarkable crew?


7. His smile

We can look at Nash Grier’s smile all day long. Oh, and his eyes. Basically, we can just stare at Nash Grier’s hot self 24/7.

Nothing like a good day on set

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8. He’s literally the cutest person on this planet

Need we say more? This photo captures it perfectly.

My spirit animal

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