6 Reasons Why Ryan Cooper Is Our #MCM

He's a total hunk

We have to confess something – we’re totally crushing on the incredibly talented and very handsome actor, Ryan Cooper, and how could we not?! We’ve seen Ryan Cooper in a countless amount of amazing projects and as if we weren’t excited enough for Awestruck’s new show, Confess, we’re even more thrilled to see the swoon-worthy Ryan Cooper in the show.

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Ryan Cooper is about to bring some extra heat to Confess and we’re so ready for it. As we wait for the premiere of the show, here are six reasons why Ryan Cooper is our #MCM.

1. He’s a gifted actor

Good looks and super talented – it’s a win, win! Ryan Cooper has exhibited his talent in many terrific projects including One Life to LiveEye Candy, and the upcoming film Rough Night which he will be appearing in alongside Scarlett Johansson. Now, he’s continuing to share his outstanding acting skills as he takes on the role of Owen in Awestruck’s Confess. Just look at his face in this photo of him on set of the show – *cue the heart-eye emojis.*

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#day1 #canttell … Yet. 😜👍🏼

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2. He is #FitnessGoals

When Ryan Cooper isn’t on set working on a project we know we’re all going to love, then he’s up in the gym working on his fitness! We’re #living for all of his fitness Instagram posts and it’s definitely the inspiration we need to get up and get active as well.

It's the weekend… Move your Booty. Thanks for the workout @hamidjohannes

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3. He also has a passion for carpentry

Can he fix it? Yes, he can! A fun fact about Ryan Cooper is that he worked as a carpenter for six years. It’s super cool to see how Ryan Cooper can share his creativity through woodwork and acting.

Been a while since I built anything… #bobthebuilder 🛠

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4. He makes one brilliant model too

In addition to being a familiar face in many of his TV and film projects, Ryan Cooper has also left you in awe through all of his modeling campaigns as well. Here’s a picture of him looking phenomenal modeling for Abercrombie.


5. He also is a Tae kwon do pro

Another fun fact about Ryan Cooper is that he has won two Tae kwon do tournaments. Is there anything that he can’t do?!

Thanks for the trim @bigblackboo intro by @wilhelmina_la

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6. His shirtless pics

Need we say more? We’re just going to leave this here for everyone to gush over. #AbsOfSteel


Be sure to catch Ryan Cooper in Awestruck’s new series, Confess, which will be premiering April 4th on go90! Watch the official trailer here.