6 Reasons Why Steffan Argus Is Our #MCM

We're totally crushing hard

It’s time to hit the road and enjoy the ride with Hansen and Emma as the second season of The Commute is making its way on over to us on June 6th. We’ve been totally hooked on this incredible show and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for Hansen (played by Steffan Argus) and Emma (played by Claudia Sulewski).

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We’re definitely crushing hard on our bae Steffan Argus all day, every day, so here are six reasons why Steffan Argus is our #MCM.

1. He’s a brilliant actor

After watching The Commute, we’ve been left in awe over how phenomenal of an actor Steffan Argus is. He has brought his character to life in such a remarkable way and we know that this second season will be filled with tons of exciting moments.

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2. He’s also a fantastic musician

Not only is Steffan Argus an outstanding actor, but he’s also an amazing musician. He leaves everyone mesmerized with his extraordinary performances and he also just recently released his EP, “Lost At Sea,” which we have been listening to on constant repeat. We love Steffan’s music!


3. He has the greatest Instagram feed

One of our favorite people to follow on Instagram definitely has to be Steffan Argus. All of his photos are so artistic and beautiful to look at. Steffan, can you please teach us how to make our Insta as aesthetically pleasing as yours?!


4. He’s an inspiration to everyone

It’s always so great to see when people use their platform for good, and that’s exactly what the terrific Steffan Argus does! Whether you follow him on Twitter, Instagram or any of his other social media networks, one thing you’ll notice right away is how positive he is and how much of an excellent role model he is to all of his fans. He’s an inspiring individual and he puts so much passion into everything that he does.


5. He is #FashionGoals

We’re just going to put it out there that Steffan Argus, hands down, wins the award for “Best Dressed” every single day.

IM IN EUROPE FOR THE FIRST TIME. i flew on over to london yesterday. its been a trip to behold already! everything i see is like a dream come true. ive only ever seen double decker buses in movies but now theyre everywhere! they also drive on the left side of the road… weird. this lil photo was snapped in hyde park which is right next to where i did my meetup yesterday! it was a wonderous and i got to meet some beautiful souls like bethany & chiara and many more! today i went on a bus tour like the annoying american tourist i am and i saw big ben! if you recall, thats the giant clocktower that peter pan lands on with wendy, john & michael! magnificent! also credit to @laceyargus for this amazing picture! we have a budding photographer in our midst.

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6. He’s very handsome

Just. look. at. that. face.


Watch the trailer for The Commute season 2 below!


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