6 Reasons Why Taylor John Smith Is Our #MCM


Awesomeness Films‘ highly anticipated movie You Get Me is finally here and we’re so excited to see this film for many reasons – one of them being that we have our eye out on the swoon-worthy star of the movie, Taylor John Smith. This extraordinary actor is a familiar face in a countless amount of phenomenal projects and his talent always stands out.

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He’s a total hottie, so here are six reasons why Taylor John Smith is our #MCM.

1. He’s a gifted actor

Taylor John Smith has exhibited his talent in many fan-favorite projects including American CrimeWolvesSharp Objects, and more. This June, we get to see Taylor John Smith take on the role of Tyler in You Get Me. Needless to say, we’re going to be amazed by Taylor John Smith and his remarkable, acting skills in the new movie.

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2. He’s very stylish

Taylor John Smith always looks so trendy every hour of the day – from walking the red carpet to enjoying his time going around town. He rocks some of the greatest outfits and he looks so dandy all of the time. His style gives us all extra heart-eye emojis over him.


3. He’s the life of the party

Whether he is spending some time with friends, working on set of one of his many excellent projects, or heading out to a music festival, it’s clear to see that Taylor John Smith always knows how to have a good time. We love when guys have an outgoing and super fun personality just like Taylor John Smith does.

|Happy birthday @cl5star you the one!!| 01•15•2017 [11:11pm] #makeawish

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4. He was in AwesomenessTV’s Guidance 

Without a doubt, Guidance is one of our fave shows to binge-watch. Fun fact: Taylor John Smith starred as Chip in the show. We love having him be a part of the Awesomeness fam!


5. He’s effortlessly cool

You know those people who are just naturally cool without even having to try? That’s Taylor John Smith for you. He’s an incredible guy (c’mon, this photo of him with the one and only, Danny DeVito just says it all).

|Vanity Fair Photoshoot/ #DannyDeVito| 04•15•2016 [11:38am]

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6. He works hard and follows his dreams

Taylor John Smith puts so much hard work, passion and dedication into every project that he works on. Another thing that we love about him is how grateful he is over all of the exciting opportunities that come his way.

|CRUEL INTENTIONS FIRST DAY~What a blessing| 03•16•2016 [6:13am] @#cruelTV

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