Hilarious Yearbook Quotes You Won’t Believe

Get ready to laugh

High school: It was the best of times and the worst of times, but definitely an adventure. Your yearbook is a way to look back at those moments and it holds how you will be remembered by your classmates. So why not give them something to laugh about? These hilarious individuals sure did, and we are so ready to keep in touch.

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Who CAN’T relate?

Fellas take notes.

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Yearbook Squad Goals!

By far the deepest advice. Misspellings and all. Noted.

Emojis have taken over the yearbooks. It was only a matter of time.

The things you learn in Chem class actually come in handy.

Too late!

The sad truth.

The cereal though. Dead.

She has to be the only person trending in her yearbook right now. #YearbookGoals

Says it all.

His math game is on point.

Deepness overload, wow.

Sometimes the yearbook filter just doesn’t cut it.

It’s hard being a single student on your own raising grades.

Thank you for sharing.

If his classmates figured it out as quickly as he did they wouldn’t be smiling either.

So much thoughtfulness in one quote, this deserves to be framed.

If these quotes have taught us anything about high school, it’s to not take it so seriously.

Don’t stress too much over your senior quote, be unique, quote what is important to you, have fun and remember to end on a good note. Literally.