You’ll Understand These Truths If Your BFF’s Family Is Your Second Home

For Better or Worse

There comes that point in any best friend relationship when you become so close that you actually begin to join her family. Days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months and then suddenly you’re offended that you aren’t pictured in the family portrait that was taken before you even met your friend.

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For everyone who has become the honorary child of their best friend’s family, you’ll undeniably understand these truths that come along with your second home:


1. You casually stroll in through the front door without knocking. I mean, at this point it would just be awkward if you knocked.

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2. If, however, the door is locked, no worries. You know exactly where that spare key is hidden… under the second smallest turtle figurines.


3. You have some toiletries in your friend’s bathroom just in case a hangout turns into an impromptu sleepover, which it often does.


4. On a few too many occasions you’ve accidentally said, “Our mom” or “our dad” when talking with your best friend about her parents.


5. Now that you’re basically part of the family, you’ve probably been scolded or yelled at by your friend’s parents. The first time was probably devastating and completely awkward but now you just eye roll it off. Enjoy being the honorary daughter because now you have two sets of ‘rents to contend with.


6. You’re invited to every family gathering, including trips, vacations, and parent’s anniversaries.


7. Your friend’s younger siblings have gone from cute to totally annoying now that you know them well enough to consider them the little punks that they are.


8. A table setting is usually set for you at the dinner table because it’s just assumed at this point that you’re staying over to eat.


9. There’s zero weirdness involved when you get to your friend’s house before she does. You’re completely comfortable just hanging with the sibs and ‘rents.


10. You get motivational texts throughout the week from your friend’s parents on everything from doing well on a test to talking to your crush.


11. When someone new is at the house you take the liberty of informing them of the rules because how dare they walk on the brand new shag carpet with shoes on!


12. Your friend’s parents have accidentally started calling you by your friend’s name and your friend by your name because you are slowly morphing into the same person.


13. You sometimes volunteer to do chores, prompting your friend’s parents to say things like, “I wish Rachel helped out the way you do,” but little do they know you’re a total nightmare at your own house.


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