13 Reasons Why We Love Taylor Swift

In honor of her 27th birthday

Every day is a good to celebrate the awesomeness of Taylor Swift, but December 13 is probably the best day. Why? Because it’s Taylor’s birthday (and the source of her lucky number, 13). So today, in honor of Taylor’s 27th (!!!) birthday, here are 13 reasons we think she’s great.

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1. She’s a great friend. 

Like, practically a professional at being a great friend. #SquadGoals


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2. She throws the *BEST* parties. 

If there’s a holiday or other excuse for a theme, you can bet Taylor will throw the perfect party for it.


3. Her pets are 💯.

Meredith and Olivia Swift are two of the best Swifts.




4. She’s a super talented musician and songwriter.

Taylor isn’t just a world-famous pop star, she’s an amazing creator. She writes her own songs and plays several instruments and is an amazing talent.


5. She’s also just a creative person in general. 

In addition to being a worldclass musician and songwriter, Taylor embraces other creative outlets, like watercolor painting.


6. She’s loyal to the people who have been there for her for years. 

Taylor has a whole squad of famous friends now, but she still keeps her oldest friends close to her heart.



7. She’s not afraid to be silly and real. 

When she’s performing on stage or walking red carpets, Taylor appears flawless. But when she gives a behind-the-scenes glimpse of her life, she’s a pizza-loving, unicorn pajamas-wearing weirdo like the rest of us.


8. She posts the best throwbacks. 

More curly-haired baby Taylor pics, please.




9. She knows what’s important in life. 

Taylor knows that being the best isn’t what’s important — it’s trying your best that really matters. And that’s a message we can get behind.


10. She gets in the holiday spirit in a big way. 

YES to this elf costume.


11. Her selfie game is on point. 

Or maybe it’s this kangaroo whose selfie game is on point. Either way, this picture exists and we’re here for it.


12. She takes us all around the world via her Instagram. 

Taylor is almost as good as traveling as she is at writing amazing confessional songs and that’s saying something.


13. She gets adorably excited about everything. 

And her joy brings us joy. Happy birthday, Taylor!


Featured Image Source: HDWallpaper.nu