Niall Horan Just Revealed Why 1D Keeps In Touch Over Email

It's for the most amazing reason

The guys of 1D have all been keeping busy taking the entertainment world by storm with their solo music careers. We’ve gotten new music from Niall, a self-titled album from Mr. Harry Styles with an upcoming tour that sold out within seconds, a collab from Louis Tomlinson and Steve Aoki, and Liam Payne has some musical surprises up his sleeve as well.

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Although the guys definitely have a lot of things that are keeping their schedules jam-packed, Niall Horan revealed that they all do still keep in touch. Niall recently chatted with Nick Grimshaw on Radio 1 and admitted that One Direction chat with each other via an email chain to prevent all solo 1D music from coming out at the same time.


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The super talented Niall Horan said, “There’s a bit of an email chain going on. We don’t try to work it around each other. If it falls, it falls. It’s happened before.”

He then went on to admit that the boys do in fact give each other sneak peeks of their music before it’s released out to the public, under one condition though. Niall continued, “We’re all kind of like weirdly perfectionist, so we don’t play anything until it’s completely finished. That’s the next step for me, to go and play stuff to the boys. They’re always asking, “When’s it coming?” “What you doing?” and I do the same to them.”


Hearing that One Direction still stays in touch makes our 1D fangirl hearts melt. If you need us, we’ll just be belting out to some new and old 1D music.

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