5 Songs Written About Other Celebrities

See if you can keep up

Our favorite stars live crazy lives that are hard to keep up with, but sometimes they leave clues for us in their music. Here are five times celebrities kept it real personal and let us in on how they really feel about other celebs by writing songs about them. 

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5. Innocent

Taylor Swift wrote Innocent about the infamous time Kanye West interrupted her at the 2009 VMAS. Taylor took the high road and gave her take on the story on this track which she performed at the following year’s VMAs. By writing lyrics like “you’re strings of lights are still bright to me” and “thirty two is still growing up,” Taylor showed us exactly the right way to respond when Kanye West steals your VMA (you know, in case it happens to you). 

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4. Love Will Remember

This is the song that reminds us how real our hopes were that Jelena would get back together. We’re talking about Love Will Remember by Selena Gomez, and it’s a dead giveaway that it’s about the Biebs because one version of the song is accompanied by a voicemail recording Justin left for Selena. Take a listen for yourself.


3. 7 Things

This one is a throwback to when Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas broke it off #younglove. Miley’s song “7 Things” describes the seven things she hates about her ex boyfriend (except she definitely names more than seven things). And check out the video. It’s filled with clues that the song is about the former Jonas brother. First, there’s the dog tag Miley not-so-casually looks at. It looks really similar to the medical dog tag Nick Jonas is known for wearing. Then there’s the picture Miley holds up. The face is covered, but those are definitely Nick Jonas locks.


2. Wedding Bells

Miley’s moved on since then….but has Nick? This brings us to number two in an unexpected twist when Nick Jonas wrote the song “Wedding Bells”. Nick performed this song right after it was announced that Miley and her “The Last Song” co-star Liam Hemsworth were engaged back in 2012. Nick introduced the song saying he’s never written a song as uncomfortable as this one, but he had to write a song about it in that moment. Check out those lyrics: “I don’t wanna love if it’s not you. I don’t wanna hear the wedding bells prove that we can’t try one last time.” Um, those are the most adorable lyrics ever. Can Nick and Miley get back together one last time? Niley anyone?


1. Forever and Always

Speaking of Jonas Brothers, Nick isn’t the only Jonas Bro to be the subject of a break up song. If you haven’t guessed it already we’re talking about “Forever and Always” by Taylor Swift. Taylor totally called out Joe Jonas while on Ellen talking about this track saying that he broke up with her over the phone in a record 25 seconds. Joe….you don’t do that. Especially when your girlfriend is Taylor Swift. That’s a big no-no. Haven’t we learned by now that you just don’t mess with Taylor? Look at Ellen’s face. She’s praying for you.