8 Reasons Why We’re Excited For “Hairspray Live!”

Time to grab your hairspray can

You can’t stop the beat and we can’t stop feeling so excited about “Hairspray Live!” making its way onto our TV screens. We’re definitely a big fan of musicals and when “Grease” went live with Julianne Hough, Vanessa Hudgens, Jordan Fisher, and more, we’ve been at the edge of our seats wondering what is the next iconic musical to go live on television. Grab your hairspray cans and get ready to get your hair done because “Hairspray Live!” is airing on December 7th on NBC.

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Here are eight reasons why we can’t wait for “Hairspray Live!” The excitement is SO REAL.

1. The cast is incredible

As if we weren’t excited enough that “Hairspray” is going live, the star-studded cast is bringing our excitement to another level. Our faves including Ariana Grande, Dove Cameron, Garrett Clayton, Derek Hough, Kristin Chenoweth, Maddie Baillio, and Jennifer Hudson, amongst many others, will all be in it. We don’t think it can get any better than that!

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Spray it and lock it. It's almost time to take off in a rocket! 🚀 #HairsprayLive

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2. All of the music!

One of the many reasons why “Hairspray” is one of the greatest musicals is because of all of the amazing music. We totally are going to be listening to the “Hairspray” soundtrack to get ready to sing along once “Hairspray Live!” airs.


3. The colorful costumes

If you’ve been seeing all of the promos for “Hairspray Live!” one thing you definitely have noticed is how colorful everyone’s costumes are. From Ari G’s green dress, to Dove Cameron’s hot pink dress, and Maddie Baillio’s bright blue dress – we’re loving every item from the “Hairspray Live!” wardrobe.

The gang's all here! ✨ #HairsprayLive [Photo: @maddiebaillio]

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4. Maddie Baillio will be playing the role of Tracy Turnblad

After watching “Hairspray Live!” Maddie Baillio is a name you’re going to be hearing a lot more often. She got the role over 1,000 other girls who auditioned for the part, so that’s really epic and we can’t wait to see her slay it in the live musical production.


5. It’s live and that’s reason enough to tune in

We’re used to seeing movies and shows that have already been pre-taped but that’s not the case with the “Hairspray Live!” production. This takes tons of practice and rehearsals and the show must go on no matter what since it’s live. We’re so proud of this fantastic cast and all of their dedication to make this one remarkable, live musical.

🎶Bop Bee Bop Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Be Bop🎶 @nbchairspraylive

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6. Garrett Clayton is portraying the role of Link Larkin

Our bae Zac Efron played the role of Link Larkin in the “Hairspray” movie and we can’t think of any other person who can fit the role of Link Larkin just as great other than Garrett Clayton. Get ready to swoon!


7. Ariana Grande will do such an amazing job

From singing to acting, Arana Grande can do everything so magnificently. She’s always had a passion for theatre and we know she’s going to do such a spectacular job in “Hairspray Live!”

Penny #HairsprayLive ♡

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8. The musical has a positive message

One thing that the cast is really trying to bring out to all of the viewers is the excellent message that this production is sending out. Jennifer Hudson said in a promo video, “To me, the power in “Hairspray” is no matter your size, your color, where you’re from, what type of lifestyle you live, it celebrates everyone.”


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