This Is A Commute That You Won’t Avoid

AwesomenessTV's Newest Series 'The Commute' Debuts

The variations of carpooling are endless. On one end of the spectrum you have best friends packed into a Honda Civic driving down the coast for a beach day and on the other end there’s the strange amalgam of school acquaintances being driven to school by one classmate’s mom.

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Do you have to like your car-mrades? Hell, you don’t even need to know them that well. Note that well. Please, I don’t condone hitchhiking.

But you always have at least one thing in common with your car ride companions: the goal. Getting from one similar place to another.

A Commute You Won't Avoid

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AwesomenessTV’s new series, The Commute, is about the awkward  relationship birthed between two people who face an impending summer date with city transit. The pair of teenagers each has what the other needs and arrange to share one car, one license, and one DUI between the two of them. Their goal? To get to work roughly 22 miles out-of-town. 

A Commute You Won't Avoid


The girl, Emma (played by Claudia Sulewski), has a prickly attitude and social baggage. The boy, Hansen (played by Steffan Argus), has a positive outlook that shelters a secret.  And now the two have to spend every day together, navigating the street while mapping their uncharted relationship. Trust, the beginning of their friendship is awkward to say the least, but by Ep. II you might just peek a bashful smile from our favorite passenger.

A Commute You Won't Avoid


The series premiered Monday and is currently two episodes deep, with the third episode airing on Friday. Watching Emma and Hansen commute got me thinking about my past carpooling experiences. Especially in Episode II “The Phone Call” when Hansen does something totally unexpected.


So I asked some people, What’s the weirdest thing you’ve encountered during a commute with a virtual stranger or awkward companion? Read up for some unbelievable responses:

The Penelope

“There was a crazy girl who drove me up to camp. She talked non-stop about the most nonsensical stuff and if you tried to add your two cents, she’d talk over you. She was always trying to one-up me like Kristen Wiig as Penelope on Saturday Night Live.

If I mentioned I was a teacher, she’d say she had wanted to be a teacher but decided to be more helpful to more people so she got into social work.

The girls in the backseat fell asleep to avoid her. I pretended to sleep until I eventually drifted off, only to be awoken by a pit-stop to Starbucks. She made us drink coffee to stay awake with her. Also while she drove she took off her shoe and sock and picked her toenails.” –R.

The Lesson

“When I first moved to San Francisco I basically kidnapped myself because I didn’t know how to use public transit. I was trying to get to the airport by taking the bus to BART, which takes you into the airport. But I was running late and missed my bus so I had to wait for another one. 

When I finally got on, the guy next to me kept asking me what I was hiding in my suitcase.

So I ditched him, got on BART, and instantly put my ear buds in just so ready to be home. A while later I realized I was in Oakland and had been going in the wrong direction for half an hour. I finally gave up and called a cab. The driver was really nice but gave me this lecture on traveling alone the entire way to the airport. I made my flight, shockingly enough.” –A.


The Irrational Fear

“I used to carpool to work with a coworker who I wasn’t really friends with but we were friendly enough for a 20 minute car ride. It was typically fine, a little awkward because we didn’t have much to talk about. We usually just commented on how hot it was going to get because we worked at a summer camp.

One morning she had been kind of silent and then asked me, sort of hesitantly, if I was ever scared that Mexico was going to charge the border and take over California.

I was just like, ‘….No.’ We certainly didn’t get closer after that.” –C.

The Talk

“When I was like 13 I was driving with my mom in LA and she decided that was the perfect time to talk to me about sex. But she didn’t tell me anything about the emotions or thoughts, or lack of thoughts, that go into it. Or even how it works.

She explained the biological composition of a sperm and egg…and how it makes a baby.

So I guess that explains why I’m so clueless today.” –M.


Click the-commute/?utm_term=.Ww9lHcrPd#.jqkMkp1l7″>here to learn more about The Commute series including synopsis, cast members and more! Personally, I can’t wait to find out what secrets these two car companions are keeping.