A Lisa Frank Live-Action Movie is Actually Happening

We seriously can't wait

Rainbow unicorns, colorful dolphins and white-and-purple pandas could be headed to a big screen near you. That’s because there are plans to make the bright and psychedelic designs of illustrator — and ’90s goddess —  Lisa Frank into a movie. YASSS!

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According to Variety, a combination live-action and animated movie is in development about Lisa’s colorful world, which promises to stay true to the school supplies and stickers that all of us love.

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“Lisa Frank’s world is cheerful, it’s optimistic, it’s hip, but it is without snark,” producer Jon Shestack told Variety. “It’s just sort of impossible to scowl when you’re smiling, and why would you want to? I’m so stoked to be part of this.”

Lisa is just as excited as we are to see her designs in movie theatres. “I have always wanted to do a feature film that brings the world of Lisa Frank to life,” she said to Variety. “We have so much backstory on our characters and they have been alive in my imagination since the beginning.”

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And if the future flick wasn’t good enough news, there are even plans to expand Lisa’s amazing illustrations to be featured on new clothing, accessories, footwear and coloring book.

We seriously cannot wait to see what’s guaranteed to be the brightest, happiest, and most GORGE movie ever! Bring on the unicorns, sprinkles and rainbows!


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