“A Monster Calls” Star Lewis MacDougall Talks About Overcoming Obstacles In Life

So many life lessons in the film

One movie that everyone is talking about is definitely the brilliant film, “A Monster Calls.” A perfect blend of fantasy, drama, and a touching story, “A Monster Calls” focuses on a boy named Conor, played by Lewis MacDougall, who, with the help of a tree monster, escapes to another world to help him get through all of the grief in his life – from having to cope with his mother who is extremely ill and also being bullied at school.

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“A Monster Calls” inspires viewers to be brave even during the toughest of times and it’s definitely a tear-jerker. There are an infinite amount of reasons to love the movie – from the exceptional cast-members, to all of the excellent life lessons the movie brings out, and the awe-inspiring cinematography.

We got the chance to chat with “A Monster Calls” star Lewis MacDougall and we asked him about overcoming life’s challenges, what it was like for him working on this movie with such incredible visual effects, and more. Find out what he had to say about the movie below!

"A Monster Calls" Star Lewis MacDougall Talks About Overcoming Obstacles In Life

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Do you have a moment in this movie that sticks out to you the most?

I think the scene with Conor and the grandmother in the sitting room after everything has happened and they’re just standing there looking into each other. They’re not even saying anything.  I just find that extremely powerful.

The movie is filled with life lessons. After working on it, what was your takeaway on how to deal with the obstacles and challenges in life that might come your way?

I think the stories that the Monster tells Conor all contain different life lessons. I think one thing the Monster says that really stayed with me was that there’s not always a good guy or a bad guy, most people are somewhere in between, and that really stuck with me. I think that really tells Conor about how life is complicated.  Things aren’t always the way they may seem at first. We’re all complicated creatures and life is complicated. 

What lessons do you want fans to take away from this film specifically?

Obviously everybody will take their own lessons from the stories that the Monster tells Conor, but I think something really, really important about it is also to try your hardest to be honest with yourself. Don’t lead yourself on and be honest to others. I think that’s something that Conor is struggling with in the movie, the fact that people aren’t telling him the full story and aren’t being honest with him.

"A Monster Calls" Star Lewis MacDougall Talks About Overcoming Obstacles In Life; Conor And His Mom

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Throughout the film, the Monster tells Conor several stories about courage and bravery.  Can you tell us a time when you were courageous?

Hmm, a time when I was courageous. I definitely think the whole experience of making the film was quite tough. Especially for the high emotional scenes and that’s something when I got offered the part, I was obviously very excited but nervous at the same time. It’s a big role to undertake and the different emotional scenes in it.  

The film has a lot of cinematography in it, what was it like for you working on this movie that included visual effects, especially that of the tree?

Well, Liam wasn’t on set when we were shooting the film, but they made a full size replica of the Monster’s face that I had in front of me while we were shooting so having that there in front of me was really helpful and it allowed me to visualize what the Monster is gonna be like.

"A Monster Calls" Star Lewis MacDougall Talks About Overcoming Obstacles In Life; Conor And The Tree Monster

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What was your first encounter with the Monster?  Was it intimidating at all?  Was it scary?

I suppose, but again, having it there really allows me to understand what Conor is feeling with this big massive thing in front of him. It really did allow me to imagine what this Monster was gonna turn out like.

Be sure to catch “A Monster Calls” out in theaters now!