ALERT ALERT: Is Justin Bieber Growing Out His Classic Fringe?

Throw. Back.

When Justin Bieber first burst onto the scene and became, you know, a global pop sensation, he was as famous for his adorable swoop of hair as he was for his enchanting singing voice. That’s why Justin’s latest Twitter selfie has us saying “baby, baby, baby whoa” — it looks like he might be returning to his old school signature look.

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The picture, captioned, “My I love you face,” shows Justin looking more like his “Baby” days self than the Biebs we’ve gotten used to over the last few years.

That swoop! Those soulful eyes! That face! We’re feeling all sorts of old school Belieber vibes at this one and we’re not sorry to say that we’re HERE for it.

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Featured Image Source: Cambio