A Film That Understands Us: ‘All This Panic’

A must-see documentary

All This Panic is a feature length documentary that dives right into the heart of the hardest transition, that between girlhood and adulthood. The film took three years to make and follows a group of teenage girls as they come of age in Brooklyn.

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From the intimate trailer, the film takes on the most universal but, at times, most excruciating growing pains: sexuality, school, divorce, love, and, most poignantly, becoming not an adult but the awkward, floundering “young adult.”

When we glimpse inside All This Panic, we see straight through to ourselves, which, to us, makes this a must-see portrait of girlhood.

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The trailer has us thinking about what it would be like the see the characters of Lena Dunham’s Girls grow through teenhood, with just as much heart, confusion, and revelation as the beloved show. Only this time, we’re following Lena, Ginger, Sage, Olivia, Ivy, Dusty, and Delia.

All This Panic, created by filmmakers Jenny Gage and Tom Betterton, will premiere at Tribeca Film Festival next week, which means we’ll have to wait and see who will distribute the doc before we can rush to the theaters or Netflix to watch it. Either way, we are so there, with our mom, best friend, and a box of tissues by our sides.

The New York Times calls the film a “dreamy diary of a time that passes so quickly yet impacts so profoundly,” and while we haven’t seen the film in its entirety yet, we have a hunch we’ll agree.


Be sure to check out the official trailer here.

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