Check Out Almost Cool’s New Video With Michael Bolton And George Lopez

It's hilarious

We all love watching YouTube sensation, Almost Cool’s videos and we totally get oh, so excited every time we see a notification that they have posted a new video on their channel. We can’t choose our favorite video from Almost Cool because we love them all, but we definitely have to say that their “Long Story Short” series is the very best.

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In fact, Almost Cool just brought out a brand new “Long Story Short” video and we definitely think that this one might be their greatest one yet. It’s super hilarious and it also features two very special guests – none other than singer, Michael Bolton and actor, George Lopez. It’s definitely one incredible video when you join the renowned Michael Bolton, George Lopez, and Almost Cool all together.


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In the awesome video titled, “Long Story Short – I Had To Get A Greeting Card,” Michael Bolton had quite the struggle trying to get a greeting card for George Lopez’s birthday. He went through many obstacles just to get the card and he also happened to run into some super fans – the fantastic guys of Almost Cool.

The Almost Cool guys bolted to meet Michael Bolton – but did they also end up saving the day? You have to check out the video to find out!


Check out Almost Cool’s spectacular, new video, “Long Story Short – I Had To Get A Greeting Card” below!