Analyzing All the Evidence and Theories About Taylor Swift’s New Music


The age of #TS6 appears to be upon us. Taylor has been systematically breaking the internet with cryptic clues and big statements for days now, so let’s dive in and break down all of the clues and theories about Tay’s new music.

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The social media blackout.

On Friday, August 18th, Taylor deleted her social media footprint. We don’t mean she deactivated her accounts — we mean she deleted EVVVVVVERYTHING. She scrubbed her Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook — EVERYTHING.

Analyzing All the Evidence and Theories About Taylor’s New Music - taylor blank twitter

Source: Twitter

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Those amazing pictures of her cats? GONE. Every stan-worthy comment you’ve ever posted on her pictures? GONE. This is REAL.

Analyzing All the Evidence and Theories About Taylor’s New Music - taylor blank instagram

Source: Instagram

She went dark on a special day. 

Fans were quick to note the significance of the day Taylor deleted all of her social posts: August 18 is the anniversary of the day she released the first single from her last album, 1989, “Shake It Off.”

Was this a sign that Taylor was gearing up to begin the next stage of her musical career? DUH.

Super sleuth fans uncovered her plans to perform on Good Morning America

A little searching on DIRECTV uncovered Taylor’s next performance plan — on GMA. It’s a classic place to debut new music and why else would Taylor be coming out of her media isolation, right?

She hid a secret message in the code for her website.

When Taylor took everything down, that included her official website. But she did seem to hide a message for fans in the backend of the site:

Super Swifties decoded the message and realized it said, “That’s what they don’t see.” While some people speculated that the message would be the name of Taylor’s first single from her new album, Swift fans know the familiar line as a lyric from “Shake It Off.”

There’s buzz that she’ll perform at the VMAs, too. 

This is FAR from confirmed, but if it’s true, it would be huge for two reasons. First, the show is being hosted by Katy Perry, whom Taylor has famously been feuding with for years.


Second, it’s the scene of the beginning of her ~drama~ with Kanye West. Back in 2009, he infamously interrupted her acceptance speech for Best Female Video. Taylor penned “Innocent” about the incident and she and Kanye seemed to have made up, but in 2016, their relationship imploded when Taylor threw shade at Kanye for a lyric about her in his song “Famous” and Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian, released video evidence that Kanye had talked to Taylor about the lyric in advance, leading Kimye fans to flood the singer’s social media with snake emojis.


And speaking of snakes, Taylor shocked the world again on Monday when she returned to social media with a creepy, cryptic video of what appeared to be a snake:

A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on


Then, today, she posted a second video of the same snake:

A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on


It seems clear that Taylor plans to address the Kimye drama with whatever she’s about to drop.

Her new single will be called “Timeless.” 

Monday also brought us news about Taylor’s new single: It will reportedly be called “Timeless,” as some Genius-sleuthing fans discovered.

So what does this all MEAN? 

All evidence points to some likely truths about Taylor’s new music:

  • It will drop SOON and we should expect to see her perform a new song on our TVs sooner than later.
  • In true Taylor fashion, she WILL address the drama that’s played out in the headlines about her in the music.
  • It will be a reinvention or a fresh start — you can’t cleanse your social media presence and NOT be starting over in some way.

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