Ansel Elgort Covered A Song From “La La Land” And It Will Make You Melt

Prepare to fall in love

Ansel Elgort can literally do it all. Not only is he an absolute heartthrob who is basically everyone’s celebrity crush, but he’s also an incredibly talented actor, DJ, and musician.

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Well, prepare to fall in love with Ansel Elgort even more than you are already as he just recently brought out a cover of himself singing the award-winning song, “City of Stars” from the iconic and highly acclaimed movie, La La Land. Needless to say, Ansel Elgort did such an amazing job both singing and playing piano, and we may or may not have broken the replay button from watching it so many times.

Ansel Elgort shared the cover on his official Facebook page and on his Instagram account and clearly the internet lost all chill when he did, and rightfully so.

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If you need us, we’ll just be sitting here imagining that Ansel Elgort is serenading us for the rest of our lives.

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