Arden Rose And Erica Dasher Talk About Female Empowerment At The “Guidance” Screening

"Feminist, hard-hitting, and visceral"

Ever since AwesomenessTV brought out its incredible show “Guidance,” we’ve totally been hooked on it; so you could only imagine how excited we all were for the premiere of the show’s second season starring Arden Rose and Erica Dasher. The first episode of season two of “Guidance” has finally made its way to the go90 app for all of us to enjoy and we are all #shooked after watching it. So much goes on in the first episode alone and needless to say, we are already counting down the days until the release of the next episode.

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A special screening of “Guidance” was held on November 16, 2016 where many of the cast-members including Arden Rose, Erica Dasher, Ben Pierce, Diamond White, Ryan Rottman, David Gridley, and more were in attendance to celebrate the premiere of their remarkable show. The screening showed the first two episodes from the series and we honestly can’t think of any other show that has us at the edge of our seats the way “Guidance” does. There are so many dark moments, tons of super intense parts, and if you haven’t already seen the first episode, you need to as the beginning will have you shocked AF with what happens.


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Aside from all of the twists, turns, and mysteries that the show brings, it also has one key element behind it all: women empowerment, as seen with the two lead characters being powerful ladies. Arden Rose and Erica Dasher talked with us about what it was like for them to have worked on a show that brings about a lot of girl power.

Arden Rose said, “From what you see in the first couple of episodes, it’s sort of setting you up to see a lot of different kinds of feminist issues that people still face today, but we portray in a way that we kind of get to have somewhat of a victory over them, which is amazing and especially relevant in this time. I think one of the things that’s really amazing is that most of our leads are entirely female so a lot of the things that we focus on is empowering women and showing how to face adversities that teenagers face today.”

Erica Dasher added, “This show inherently is feminist in casting strong, female leads and dynamic, complex, female leads – people who have vices and passions and I think seeing a three-dimensional person is really important and it’s not something you always get in female characters.”

Arden Rose And Erica Dasher Talk About Women Empowerment At The "Guidance" Screening; Arden Rose and Erica Dasher

Source: Variety


The ladies went on to describe their show in three words and together said that the show is, “Feminist, hard-hitting, and visceral.” Basically, it’s one of the most binge-worthy shows ever and if you need us, you can totally find us watching more episodes of “Guidance” season two on our phones.

It’s clear to see that this masterpiece of a show couldn’t have possibly been created if it wasn’t for the cast-members’ fantastic chemistry with one another. Ryan Rottman, who played the role of the beloved teacher Mr. Ridley on the show, talked about how much fun the cast had while working on set. He said, “It was really cool getting a camaraderie with all of them and having that friendship outside…it really helped on the screen. They’re all great actors and really fun, cool people so there were some pranks, there was a lot of laughs and fun.”


Another thing that really stands out throughout the show is Ben Pierce’s character Smiley, who viewers are introduced to as soon as the first episode starts out. Yearning for the latest scoop that’s happening at school and not being the most pleasant person, Ben Pierce’s character is definitely an interesting one. He talked about what it was like portraying a character that is much different from himself and how he brought Smiley to life.

Ben Pierce said, “It was really fun and it was really challenging. I really tried to make sure that his intentions were very clear. He didn’t just love gossip, he loved the power behind it and he loved the safety behind it. It was really fun getting to find ways to be mean and gossipy but still powerful and vulnerable. It was a really fun challenge and getting to do that with such an amazing cast on such an amazing platform was such a good opportunity and I feel good.”


It’s edgy and it’s exciting and it will, without a doubt, be your new favorite show. Stay tuned for more episodes of “Guidance” available on the go90 app every Monday!

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