Asia Monet Ray Releases Inspiring Song, ‘Come Along’

Asia Monet Ray Releases Inspiring Song, 'Come Along'


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She can dance, she can sing, she can act, AND she’s a YouTuber — we would definitely consider Asia Monet Ray a multi-threat! Asia always leaves us in awe with everything that she works on, such as her spectacular new single, “Come Along.” The song is super catchy and her vocals are unreal. Our favorite aspect of “Come Along” is the great message behind it that inspired everyone to join together and make the world a better place.

“My new single ‘Come Along’ started with me just writing down thoughts and feelings in my notebook,” Asia told us. “I wrote down things that surround us everyday that I wish we could change. I wrote down lyrics to encourage people to make a difference, to love, give back and make a change — big or small. As I grow as an artist, I always want my music to have a positive message. I want people to be inspired to empower one another, to have a positive voice and also continue to spread love.

I was fortunate enough to work with an amazing writer who helped me bring my thoughts into the message behind ‘Come Along.’ The producer on this track was a dream to work with. He listened to what I like and built this track that I felt was perfect for me with a great dance beat.

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I had the best time in the studio recording ‘Come Along.’ I felt great about the message. I felt people would understand the message and it would hopefully inspire many.”

Coming soon….. #ComeAlong🌎

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It’s so incredible to see awesome celebs like Asia use their platform for good.

“Social media is currently one of the largest platforms, and every day billions of people come to social media platforms to either build up one another or tear down one another,” Asia explained.

“We need to continue to spread positivity by encouraging others with what we post and what we share. We never know who is watching our posts and comments, so we need to be mindful of spreading love not hate.  Just posting positive quotes everyday is a good way — you never know who it might touch or reach out to. It might make a huge difference for someone who is having a hard time that day. My mom always say, ”It’s so easy to be kind” and it takes a lot of wasted energy to be negative.”


Asia is the definition of a role model, with great advice on how to make the world a better place.

“Continue to be kind, love and give back. Be involved in positive causes and give your time to charity such as helping to feed the homeless and finding shelters that need volunteers. Also, help with the elderly. Be involved with anti-bullying campaigns and equality campaigns and most of all, remember that we are stronger together and CAN make a difference at any age.”


We’re totally obsessed with Asia Monet Ray’s new single “Come Along.” You can buy it now on iTunes or stream it on Spotify. Don’t forget to check out the official music video below!

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