Best Mannequin Challenge Round-Up

These put the rest of us to shame

Whether you like it our not, the so-called “Mannequin Challenge” has taken the internet by storm. The challenge is simple — get a group of people together, freeze in place, and play the song “Black Beatles” while getting someone else to video the action (or lack thereof).

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Although the trend started with a group of high school students looking for a way to make the school day a little more entertaining, it has quickly spread, catching the attention of politicians, celebrities, and athletes alike.

Below is a list of the best, funniest, and most impressive mannequin challenges we’ve seen so far. We hope you enjoy and at the very least are inspired to consider making and sharing your own video!

1. Britney Spears

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Britney Spears joined the mannequin trend last week, getting her entire dance troupe to freeze in place while the song “Slumber Party” from her latest album “Glory” plays in the background.

2.  Troye Sivan

At his latest concert, this 21-year-old South African-born Australian singer, songwriter, actor, and YouTube personality took the mannequin challenge to the next level. Not only did he and everyone else on stage freeze, but the entire crowd took part in a one-part eerie, two-parts amazing video.

3. Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen’s rendition of the mannequin challenge proves just how much fun she and her team have on a daily basis. The video captures Ellen and her team playing ping pong, riding bicycles, and generally having a good time. All this in mind, the real question after watching this video is how they got the ping pong ball to hover in mid-air…

4. Simon Biles

It’s hard to compete with a mannequin challenge created by a world-class gymnast. The video featuring Biles was captured while she and some of her fellow gymnasts and teammates practiced during the Kellogg’s Tour of Champions. We all wish she would just share even a little bit of that crazy flexibility.

5. Beyonce

An internet sensation would not be complete without the participation of Queen Bey. Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams of “Destiny’s Child” reunited last week for a video that evokes fond memories of childhood.

6. Hillary Clinton

Although she won’t make history as our next commander in chief, her star-studded mannequin video featuring a plane full of staffers, her husband Bill, and Bon Jovi, is certainly one for the history books.

7. Michelle Obama

Flotus absolutely rocked the mannequin challenge. With classical music playing lightly in the background and surrounded by Lebron James and the rest of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Mrs. Obama is looking cool, classy, and confident as ever. She definitely made her teenage daughters proud.

8. The AwesomenessTV Mannequin Challenge Extravaganza

Last, but certainly not least is our very own mannequin challenge. Oh and do we spy Rebecca Black in there as well?