Beyonce Just Dropped a Major Hint About Her Twins

What does it mean!?

Beyonce is the queen of over-the-top subtlety, and we bow down. Remember her pregnancy announcement? She just quickly and casually posted a pic on Instagram, but the photograph was literally a piece of art we would expect to be hanging in Frida Kahlo’s bedroom if she were still alive. See? The Queen of Over-the-Top Subtlety.

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And, she’s done it again, folks. This past weekend, Beyonce took to Instagram to post a video and a set of photos. (Side note: do celebrities get paid by Instagram to use the multiple photos function!? They’re literally the only ones who do it. I need to know.)

The Instagram video and photo series featured artwork by Othelo Gervacio and music by the Isley Brothers. If Beyonce’s going to post something, she’s doing it for a reason, and die-hard Bey fans are thinking these pieces of art have something to do with either the sex or names of Bey’s soon-to-come twins.

Take a look:

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We (and the fans) have two guesses:

1. The twins will be named after flowers, which makes sense considering her pregnancy announcement was flowers galore.


2. She will be having a boy and a girl or two boys. Fans seem to think the colors indicate she’ll be having one boy and one girl, hence the pink and blue tones.

Now, shall we take bets on floral names? I’m going with Iris. Cast your vote below.

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