Justin Bieber’s Mystery Girl is His Best Friend’s Wife

Justin Bieber + Who?

Justin Bieber Spotted with Mystery Girl


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Justin Bieber gets cuddly with a brand new girl…again.

It seems like every other day, Justin Bieber is linked to a brand new woman. Whether it’s hiking with a model or posting selfies with a musical legend’s daughter that causes a riff between an ex and ultimately leads to the deletion of Justin Bieber’s Instagram – for Bieber, this is just casual dating.

But now that Justin is back on the gram and making hit songs, it looks like he may be back to wooing over a lucky lady. Just last night Bieber was spotted getting awfully cozy with a mystery woman out in Beverly Hills and fans started their speculation on Twitter. Our first thought was, mhm. But after closer inspection of her ringed ring finger, we were like nooooooo. Then after googling who she was we were like… ahhh.

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It turns out the woman in the photo is actually Laura Lentz, a really close friend of Justin’s. And it just so happen she’s married to another close friend of Justin’s, Pastor Carl Lentz of Hillsong Church, who has become a constant companion and religious mentor to the singer.


But there’s a third person that was photographed with the Biebs and Laura. And by the looks of the tattoo on his arm, yep, that’s Carl right there with his wife and his BFF Justin enjoying a day out on the town. It turns out the whole fam was out celebrating the Despacito Remix being named the most streamed song of all time!


So now, we want to hear from you guys! Who do you think Justin should date next? Let us know in the comment section below.

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