Bree Taylor’s “Broken Dreams” Music Video Will Have You Feeling Some Type Of Way

You need to watch it ASAP

We have one word for Bree Taylor’s new music video: incredible! Singer and YouTuber Bree Taylor just released her new music video for her song “Broken Dreams” and it’s literally giving us all the feels. The music video has a series of several, beautiful shots and shows all of the amazing must-see places in Los Angeles such as LACMA and more. The cinematography of the music video is so magnificent and that, combined with Bree Taylor’s excellent vocals, makes the music video so spectacular to watch.

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The song is about a breakup and how sometimes with relationships a person is left with “broken dreams.” However, for the talented Bree Taylor, she continued to pursue her dream of bringing out phenomenal music to all of her supporters. We can totally see how much passion Bree Taylor put into making this outstanding music video and it definitely has us feeling some type of way every time we watch it.


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Get ready to be amazed with some serious talent and watch Bree Taylor’s exceptional video for “Broken Dreams” below! If you love “Broken Dreams” as much as we do and want to listen to it on constant replay, you can get “Broken Dreams” out on iTunes now.


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