Brit Morin Talks New Line of DIY Kits

We're in love with these activity kits

Brit morin, founder of Brit + Co, sat down with Monica Sherer to discuss her new line of activity kits for grown-ups which is now available exclusively at Target stores nationwide.

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Brit explained that the kits are DIY so “everything you need is in the box”. The types of kits you can get focus on jewelry, accessories, home decor, wall art, necklaces and more.

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“A lot of people hear the word, I don’t even like to say ‘crafting’, cause it sounds like a first grader with popsicle sticks, we’re trying to make it cool for women. Necklaces you would want to wear,” Brit said, explaining what inspired her to create this line.


“Brit + Co is first and foremost a media company for young women and our whole intention is to inspire them creatively, but that’s across every category – food, fashion, DIY, crafting, all that stuff,” Brit said of her company.

“My wedding is what got me into all of this. I was getting married and I wanted to make my wedding super cool and custom and personalized, and Pinterest had just launched so there was Pinterest inspiration everywhere, and I started being like ‘I’m gonna make this stuff instead of buy it’ and I think in this world of mass retail…you just want something that’s your own and you want something that’s custom to who you are.”


We are in love with these Brit + Co Activity Kits, so be sure to check out the new line here!

Check out the full interview below:

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