Cameron Dallas Just Created His Own Burger

You Definitely Need to Try This

Brace yourselves because we think that Cameron Dallas has just created the best burger of all time, and it looks super tasty!

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Cameron Dallas has recently partnered up with the famous Umami Burger to help raise money for the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. The burger was crafted by the one and only Cameron Dallas, and it is called “Cameron’s Dallas BBQ Burger.”

The burger is made up of 2 beef patties, cheddar cheese, miso-maple glazed bacon, special umami BBQ sauce, and tempura serranos. Check out this video below and tell us your mouth does not water by looking at that – YUM!

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Cameron even stopped by Umami Burger to try his burger out! He took to his YouTube channel, and vlogged the whole entire day which you can watch here!

It is amazing that Cameron partnered with Umami for such a good cause. If you know of an Umami Burger near you, definitely go check it out and order the burger; we are pretty sure you wont regret it!

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