The Relatable Reason Camila Cabello Wishes She’d Had a Bad Breakup

The Relatable Reason Camila Cabello Wishes She'd Had a Bad Breakup

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Thanks to her holiday campaign with Guess, you’ve probably seen singer Camila Cabello’s face on billboards everywhere.

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While we’re more than happy to see her gorgeous face every time we step outside, the experience is a little bit, uh, strange for Cabello. “I’ll be running through an airport… trying to make my flight on time, and I’ll have to run past a giant photo of myself. That’s weird,” the singer said in a new interview with Elle.

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She also had a hilarious (and so relatable) answer when asked about the best part of being on a billboard:

You know, I just wish I had an ex-boyfriend who had a bad breakup [with me]. Then he’ll see pictures of me everywhere and be so sad!


Same, Camila! She might not be making her ex-boyfriends cry every time they see her billboards, but she is garnering lots of attention from her fans.

“I have seen posts from fans all around the world who are posing next to the billboards. They’re from Spain and Italy and London, which blows my mind,” she said.

Besides having her face plastered on billboards, part of being a star means that the former Fifth Harmony member is now super recognizable, and paparazzi follow her every move.

But this newfound attention hasn’t really changed the star’s attitude (or wardrobe choices). “The truth is, I like being comfortable, and so even if I know there are photographers outside, I don’t really feel like I have to change,” Cabello explained.

But she does like to present her best self for her fans.

“When I go to the [tour] venues and I know fans are outside, I’ll wear sunglasses and boots, because I want to look great for them.”

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Cabello also gave some pretty spot-on fashion advice that doesn’t require spending a penny. “My general thing is, if you feel cute in your outfit, then your outfit is cute.” Done and done.


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