Camila Cabello Just Broke a Huge Record

Way. To. Go.

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It’s official: Camila Cabello’s solo career is a rousing success. Of course, we knew it would be — Cabello is talented, charming, and hard-working. In other words, she has everything a person needs to be successful, and she puts it all to very good use.

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When Cabello dropped her debut single last year as a solo artist, “Crying in the Club,” we were hooked.

Then she released “Havana,” and took things to the next level.

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So by the time her debut solo album, Camila, FINALLY dropped on January 12th, Cabello’s fans were more than ready for it. They were so ready for it, in fact, that their support helped Cabello smash a very impressive iTunes record.

As NME reports, the album quickly went to No. 1 on 99 iTunes charts around the world. Why is that so impressive, you wonder (other than the fact that 99 is a huge number, of course)? Because no other artist in history has held that many top spots on iTunes. Ever.

It might have been a tough decision to leave Fifth Harmony, but it’s clearly paying off for the singer.

“I was just curious and I wanted to learn and I saw all these people around me making music, writing songs, and being so free,” Cabello said of why she decided to leave the band and pursue a solo career.

Cabello craved some creative freedom, and we have all benefitted from the difficult decision she made to branch out to get it.

And thank goodness she did: Camila hasn’t just been a hit with fans — critics love it, too. It has a 74 rating on Metacritic and positive reviews from top critics at publications like Entertainment Weekly and Rolling Stone.

We hope this incredible artist never slows down!

Kayleigh Roberts
Kayleigh Roberts

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