Chloe Grace Moretz Is Shook After Seeing Her Doppelgänger

The Internet has found another celebrity lookalike

What do you do if you’re craving some fries, walk into your local fast food joint, and spot Chloe Grace Moretz behind the counter taking orders? No, this is not a weird celebrity riddle. We’re seriously asking.

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Correct answer: You immediately snap a pic, post to Facebook, and wait for it to go viral. And that’s exactly what Filipino college student Jesse Carls did.

Chloe Grace Moretz Is Shook After Seeing Her Doppelgänger

While Jesse might have thought it was the real Chloe working at the popular Filipino chain, Jollibee, it actually was just an uncanny lookalike. Which, the Internet likes just as much. The photo spread like wildfire until one fan tracked down the Jollibee employee on Twitter.

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*Warning: the fourth photo is a face swap with the actual Chloe, so don’t let the Internet pull one over on ya.*

The resemblance may have had us doing major double takes, but do you know who it really shook? Chloe herself.

She took to Twitter not once but twice to express her absolute amazement.

So what do you think? Crazy resemblance or Internet coincidence?

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