Is Chloe Lukasiak Officially Returning to Dance Moms?!

The proof is in the photos

I’m going to be really honest with y’all. When I saw that Abby Lee Miller quit the dramatic reality TV hit Dance Moms, I literally dropped everything I was doing and ran into the other room to tell my boyfriend.

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He did not care. In fact, he did not care in the slightest.

Anyway, I could not believe she quit. The only Dance Moms moment more shocking than that was when Chloe Lukasiak left the show after years of a not so great relationship with Abby. Slay, Chloe!

The show has moved on quickly, replacing Abby with Cheryl Burke (Dancing With the Stars), and here’s where it really gets good. Now that Cheryl will head the show, it looks like Chloe will be returning. In fact, from photographs Cheryl recently posted on her Instagram, were pretty positive we have photographic evidence Chloe is officially returning.

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Cheryl posted this photo (Chloe on the far right) with the caption “Stronger together #dancemoms

Stronger together #dancemoms

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But that’s not all. She also posted these adorable selfies with the girls.

SHOW TIME! 🔥🔥🔥 #dancemoms

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Chloe and the Dance Mom girls also took a trip to Disneyland together, where it’s clear their friendship picked up right where it left off. #FriendshipGoals

Could not think of a non basic caption so here's a picture of my friends and me having fun 💙

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We’re a little too excited about this reunion and probably don’t need to tell you we’ll definitely be tuning in for this season. But here it is anyway: we’ll definitely be turning this season.

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