How Sad Letters From Cimorelli’s Fans Inspired Their Latest Album

The story behind 'Sad Girls Club' is everything

'Cimorelli' Let Their Fans Inspire Their Latest Album


Pop band Cimorelli released their new album, Sad Girls Club, last month, and the story behind it has us wiping away tears: The whole album was inspired by letters from fans describing their experiences struggling with depression, eating disorders, and domestic discord.

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Sisters Amy, Christina, Dani, Katherine, Lauren, and Lisa Cimorelli opened up to AwesomenessTV about what was in those letters, and how they’ve already seen the album change the way people talk about those issues.


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AwesomenessTV: This album is a reaction to letters you received from fans describing their own struggles. What were some of the most powerful letters you received?

Christina: We had received some pretty crazy letters. The song “Who Told You” — when I was working on that song, I was really inspired by some of the letters we had gotten from fans. Really heartbreaking ones where people would talk about how they see themselves as ugly, worthless, a failure, their life [having] no meaning and no point, and they would say that their family members or their friends would tell them these things about themselves as well. [We] wanted to write a song that people could listen to when they would hear those things or tell themselves those things that could help them. 



ATV: What inspired the name of the album?

Dani: The song [on the album] “Sad Girls Club” was the actual thing that inspired the name. The song is an anthem for anyone really, especially young girls who are going through a lot and feel like their emotions are bad or weird or they don’t understand them.

It was supposed to be a song to help those people accept those emotions and realize that it’s important to feel things. When I played this song for everyone, it [felt like] it summarized the whole message of the album, which is that your emotions are good and not bad.

ATV: What has the response to the album been so far?

Christina: We’ve had the biggest response ever from our friends on this album. All of us have been getting all these messages, texts, and random comments from our friends, saying, “I’ve listened to your album all week.”



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ATV: What made this album different from your other work?

Katherine: We’ve always been vulnerable in our albums before, but I think for this album we took vulnerability to a new level. One of my friends pointed this out to me as we listened to it.

We say the things on this album that people think but they don’t say. I think that’s why people are connecting with it so much. It’s almost like these unspoken truths that are kind of ignored, because sometimes it’s uncomfortable to be that vulnerable. 

ATV: Tell us about your most inspiring fan. 

Christina: We actually have a pretty large amount of fans with Down syndrome. We’ve had a lot of incredibly inspiring encounters with fans where their families will tell us about them, and the stories are almost the same with all of them. 

The story I’ve heard a lot of times is that their child will become obsessed with us, and they will play us literally every single day. We are their favorite thing, and put our videos on, our songs on, and they are singing and dancing to us every single day of their lives.

This girl — her name was Marissa — she would write a letter to us almost every day, and she would put it in her mailbox. But she didn’t tell her parents, and she never actually sent it to us. So she was like, “Why aren’t they writing back?” But we did actually end up writing her a letter later.

I just thought it was so touching and so cool that all these kids — we are like one of the biggest parts of their lives and their daily routines. That was pretty crazy to me.

Stream Sad Girls Club on Spotify, or buy it today on Pledge Music.

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