Connor Franta Talks New Book, ‘Note To Self’

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Aaron Rhodes recently chatted with Connor Franta about his new book, “Note To Self”. This is Connor’s second book, and it’s a must-read. Find out what Connor had to say about the book (and check out Aaron and Connor’s hilarious jenga game!) below, and be sure to pick up a copy April 18th!

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Aaron: “Can you talk a little bit about your book, Note To Self?”

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Connor: “Essentially I wrote a bunch of notes to myself, and a bunch of poetry and took a bunch of images over the last sixteen months of my life and kind of collected them into a book.”

Aaron: “What’s one of your favorite notes from the book?”

Connor: “Two of the most interesting chapters is one where I talk about being gay and then another one is where I talk about kind of a depression period that I went through and it dives deep into how I got into that, how I got out of that and then like the therapy in between, ’cause I feel like therapy is so taboo so I kind of uncover a bunch of those things in the book.”

Aaron: “A lot of time I feel like online we put up a front, so how important is it to you to show that side as well?”

Connor: “It’s been very important for me, especially within the past year of my life where I’m like, things aren’t always good, things aren’t always polished and amazing, and I kind of want to highlight that.”


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