Demi Lovato Faced the Scariest Kind of Bullying in High School

But she survived, and now she's thriving

(Photo by Demi Lovato/Instagram)

In her new YouTube documentary Simply Complicated, Demi Lovato opens up about the parts of her life that aren’t captured on camera, sharing some of the scary bullying experiences she endured in high school.

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Lovato has long been up front about her struggles with mental illness and addiction, and she’s used her platform to remove the stigma attached to these issues. In Simply Complicated, Lovato shares even more about her life, pinpointing the exact moment she developed an eating disorder. Her story is harrowing, and it highlights the exact reason why bullying in schools is something that desperately needs to stop.

“When I was 12, I was bullied. I developed a social anxiety where I didn’t trust other girls my age,” Lovato explained. “One day, this girl who was popular starting saying, ‘Demi should kill herself’ and it resulted in a suicide petition that got passed around and she had other classmates sign it.”

She continued,

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“When I asked them why, nobody could give me a specific reason why they were treating me the way they were. I had no friends, I was alone… I called my mom on my cell phone and I said ‘I’m done, I can’t do this anymore. Pick me up.’ She picked me up from school, and that’s when my eating disorder developed.”

While Lovato has since sought treatment and become an advocate for mental health issues, she says in Simply Complicated that she has relapsed before, showing that disordered eating is an ongoing battle she continues to fight. Her journey, just like her music, has become an inspiration to so many others who can relate.

The doc is incredibly powerful. Watch below:

Among those who loved the doc is childhood friend and one-time co-star Selena Gomez, who reached out to Lovato on social media to commend her for her honesty in the doc. Gomez wrote, “This was beautiful. I’m so happy for you. You always continue to be bold and real. I wish more people were like you.”

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We couldn’t agree more.

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